Maytech 6374 prop damaged

Hi, have build a diy foil drive with integrated mast. Went well so far until I tried out the 3d printed folding prop from Maytech. Looking for alternative prop like aluminum. Any help is appreciated.

Hi longez,

the china prop is a cheap replica of my original “invented” FOLD. Many of the forum members are using them for their Foil Drive system. Check out the forum thread for user reviews about FOLD. I think the are quite happy with it.

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Hi Frank, is it possible to ship faster to Hamburg due to the weather this week? Thx Andy

I can send them out today :wink:

Ok geht los ich überweise dir per PayPal

Bahahaha good punt there, but that’s not true. The Maytech prop is a modified prop base from the prop modified by leachim (modified a non-folding prop to folding). The original non-folding prop was designed by Volker. Here is the link where Maytech got the files to modify the base and blades:

I modified the base slightly but have been running these blades (printed with PLA at 100% infill) and had no issues at all with breaking.

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Propeller arrived today a d doesent fit!!

The hub is for 6384 but I have 6374

Maytech staff brokes really fast, even the spring of the remote after 10 times using.

This hub is perfect for my Odrive 6374 and noname 6384 120 kv. The form factor has nothing to do with it, you just have Maytech.

You are going to need a 3d printed spacer for the maytech motor.

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My maytech prop also broke the balades after 3 sessions