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Hi guys,

after one year of positive feedback from many members here who run EML propellers, I decided to change EML to a more modest store name: :grin:

I now have all kinds of propellers in stock! I also switched to a new black material, which not only has even better material properties, but also looks really really nice.
I am also constantly improving the design of the propellers in terms of speed, effiency and smoothness. Some propellers are already in 7th revision!

Faster, higher, stronger - with propellerking you’ll fly longer! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I wish you guys a great season!


Nice name. Are they 3d printed or molded?

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Awesome! I really love the new black material. It’s incredibly smooth and durable.
The folding prop performs powerful on my 8S Foildrive setup with 6384 Motor, not comparable with my self printed propellers.
Cheers :call_me_hand:

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The propellers were not injection molded but look like molded parts. From close up you can`t see the layered structure anymore!

Did you fix the balance problems of the fold props?

Since I changed the production process, the blades are perfectly the same now (weight difference is in the range of a measurement failure of a professional digital weight!!) So the assembly of FOLD is perfectly in balance.


What kind of printer allows you to have this nice finish ? Asking for a friend :smiley:
I tried the lowest resolution in SLA, an industrial DLP and others, but I feel like even if the surface finish is smooth, the layers are still visible. Can’t say the same here, really nice looking parts mate !


Congrats on your new website. Nice looking products.

I am new to all of this so in Jan 2023 I started out by getting the Flipsky Group 7 water sports kit that came with a 65161 “new ceramic seal” motor and aluminum prop. The motor description is 12mm Round with thread/new

This is their dimension spec for that motor

So a few questions

  1. Will the products on your website work for this motor?

  2. There are a variety of threads on the forum about cutting down the original Flipsky prop to 140mm. Your props are larger than that so can you explain why you chose your dimension?

  3. Can you provide a performance comparison of the 3 blade version to the 2 blade (non folding) version?

  4. Do you offer package deal for a shroud and prop(s)?

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Looks great! I´m using and loving the hyperdrive. Great product! Is there al folding prop comming for the 65161 Flipsky?

Hi @Foilguy, hi @ericefoil

  1. Yes
  2. Because my blade area is not that big. So that’s why I got a larger diameter which also means far better efficieny.
  3. Please check out the first posts of the eml-store thread
  4. Not directly in the shop but you can write an email to

@ericefoil : At the very beginning I also produced a FOLD for the Flipsky motor. If you would like one, just write an email to



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Thank you for answering my questions including the link to the detailed info comparison thread.

I’m not after top end speed as I will be using a big foil so am biased towards lots of start thrust to get up on foil quickly. The 3 blade version would seem to be the best fit for that.

I will also be using my setup in foil-assist mode (with a wing and possibly a paddle) so am also interested in the folding version for my motor that you mentioned. Is that made with your new material?

Yes, it’s out of the new material.

It seems, that there is a demand for Fold for the Flipsky 65161 motor. If you guys are interested just give me a hint and I will add this version into the shop.


Great. Any plan to pimp the propeller to more efficiency?

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@ArminHarich : Hi, unfortunately I can not help you there
@ericefoil: I now added FOLD Flipsky 65161 version to the store. NicolasLGM, one of the forum members here, tested this version end of 2022.
@nicolasLGM: Would you like to say a few words about the propeller?




The Fold prop for the 6384 might be already more efficient than the prop… Has it been tested ?


You should list propeller by efoil brand too. I assume you have a folding prop for Waydoo??

Hi @BikeMTB ,

Not yet. I would need to modify the hub, which could be easily done. I just need a drawing from the waydoo shaft and from the hub of the Waydoo prop.

Yes I bought one and tested it a few times : working perfectly, very smooth (smoother than the fliteboard propeller) and very efficient, I really like it. I managed to catch some waves in efoil mode, and more perfect small waves in assist mode


Today I got my Hyperdrive Propeller.

The quality is very good and the surface is very smooth and perfect.
I hope that I can test the propeller soon.


Because some Forum members where asking:

The Fold for 65161 motor is now available at the store.

FOLD Flipsky 65161