Maytech 65161 - realistically how bad is the included prop?

In hindsight, I would have bought the Flipsky motor with the threaded shaft to use an FR prop, but I ordered the Maytech motor + prop before finding this forum!

A balanced propeller is 100% necessary, and I really don’t want to kill the longevity of my motor by using the cheap included prop if it’s really that bad…

On the other hand, if it isn’t going to destroy my setup, and just lead to poor efficiency, I would like to test my setup with it until I can find a better solution. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many off the shelf props that fit the maytech shaft version :cry:

can’t wait to ditch the boat tow-rope and be electric!

Hi, read my post here. It looks like the same prop. If it is the same, you have to make it smaller for way better speed and efficientcy.

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If you have ordered this combo, you should not receive the motor with 12mm threaded shaft that allows you to mount a FR prop at a later time.
This is a low cost prop so there is no warranty it is balanced when shipped

Last August (2019), we learned two things from @Virus and his videos:
1- this 7.25in (18.4cm) propeller works well with a 6516x motor when reduced in diameter to 140mm using a lath, you don’t have any balance warranty.
2 - best of both worlds, to wait until the FR prop arrives, you can drill out this prop and mount it on the threaded shaft. For this you need to ask Flipsky to swap your 10mm unthreaded to a 12mm threaded shaft …

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