Maytech motor beeps - doesn't work

Hi, does anyone know what the problem could be?? Maytech motor beeps loudly, receiver clicks …
Here video:

Did u pair the remote correctly? Normally when the motor beeps like this the signal is lost and the control cuts off for safety reasons… but the clicking receiver sounds strange to me! Do u have a second one, maybe its broken? BEC supports 5V?

I tried to pair the old and new receiver and nothing. new receiver clicking also

I would try to reprogram esc…


OK, I make it. thanks

Clicks are similar to relay sounds. The receiver blinks - there is no connection with the remote control. Have you tried re-binding the remote and receiver?

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Could be possible, I would try that too…

yes I tried… thank you

Looks like esc is in programming mode. Try esc programming procedure with remote.

it was a BEC malfunction. Huraaa

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