Maytech MTSKR1905WF remote will be ON SALE, BEST PRICE EVER!

Sale price is US$149.9/PCS, 20usd reduction
Promotion will be start from 1st, July - 31st, July

Aliexpress Link:

What is the maximum voltage for battery monitor on the receiver PCB labled BAT
(to display voltage of the battery on the controller)
Can it do 16S

Is it really waterproof? Whats the IP rating? Whats the warranty details?

Maximum battery can be put in the battery is 18S

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The remote is with 2 layers nanometers waterprood coating, and inside circuit with glue, screen has 2 layers waterproof screen

Warranty please check on our website of the warranty policy

I would guess that the internals of these two remotes are the same… minus the added waterproofing measures. This remote is IP66, whereas the efoil remote is IP67.

Given that the $169 remote waterproofing seems hit or miss, it looks like a steal to get the same remote for $45 and then just add the extra potting yourself.


Yeah, i can confirm those maytech remotes are 100% water prood.
Cause when they get it water, soon or later they stop working. “RF error”

And customer Service is terrible :+1:


So basically there is no guarantee on this product.

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Their warranty process usually involves accusing you of misuse, followed by an offer of $5 off another one.(which also won’t be waterproof as advertised)

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I really wouldn’t waste your money on this remote, I can’t wait for a decent remote to hit the market!

Intresting that The new remote have 3 different speed profiles. Something i missing on The two previous ones.
@PaulKirdy will you release an softare update to 1905 remote with it also? If not, what is The purpose to be able to update firmware on The remote?

That one is for eskate only and has a lesser IP rating, not that it matters as none of them are actually waterproof.

MTSKR2005WF remote can’t use on Efoil, it it specially for electric skateboard.
It only has Esk8 mode, and its waterproof is not as good as MTSKR1905WF, can’t use in saltwater.

Can you sell just the receiver board? Min has stopped working.

The receiver was sold out, now we don’t have enough stock, we will prepare more stock of the receiver when we make another batch remote.

MTSKR1905WF Promotion already starts, only US$149.9/PCS, BEST PRICE EVER:

Website Link:

Aliexpress Link:

Yea. Good point.

Might as well just buy the eskate remote being that the waterproof one isn’t really waterproof.

Save some money!


#Aliexpress US $65.94 40%OFF | Pre-sale Maytech New Remote for Electric Skateboard MTSKR2005WF V2 Waterproof Hand Remote

:see_no_evil: So we must pay an extra $100 for these muppets to pour crap inside and pretend its waterproof. Maytech are absolute morons. This is a good find and what the remote should actually cost.
I’ve noticed when they add an aluminium case to an ESC it’s all of a sudden like $300 more expensive too.