Maytech Vesc Connection

How do you connect your vesc to the maytech receiver.
Do you have ready to plug cabel for uart connection?

If not where do you bought the plug?


Sorry to bump this topic up to the top after 2 years… but after a bit of frustration searching for similar info for the MakerX 75/300 clone, it may be useful to note in multiple places that you will very likely need GH1.25 Connectors . I may have been searching incorrectly; but for what it’s worth, the documentation from both Maytech and MakerX VESC cover everything thoroughly, except for these GH 1.25 connectors.

See here: Hgltech Hi200 connectors - #2 by Alexandre


Pin size varied for some vesc one the pin holder can get the way ( just rubber it off )
As long as you get the correct size , you can take the plug out of the holder by push on the flat and pull, use a isolator and plug them at the right place

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