or Flipsky Bluetooth module?

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I am trying to decide, which recording system I should go for - or Flipsky nrf51_vesc bluetooth module. I have a Flipsky 200A VESC and would like to record and review the data mainly after the ride, but if possible also during riding (This is not a must).

As far as I can tell, is the easiest way to get good solid GPS based info, with an overlay on Google Maps. This should also be possible with the VESC android app and the bluetooth module, but not as easy - am I wrong.

Other than the price difference, Metr (52 EUR) and Flipsky BT module (12 EUR), what is the cons and pros between these options?

2 Likes module is more expensive and has excellent plotting abilities. The proceeds do not go to the person who put an uncountable number of hours into the VESC firmware and hardware. The Flipsky module allows you to use the Vesc Tool android app for datalogging. This is less expensive and $2 for the app supports the guy who made your speed controller possible. I am working on a project now called vesc_tool_plotter. It will plot the log files from the Vesc Tool app similar to The goal for vesc_tool_plotter is for to upload their log files to their account, select which build the log was from and make the data publicly accessible for all builders. Kind of like a central repository for efoil data.


Many of us use
This module is really great. Works all the time and the App is superbe. Easy to customize, it records everything you need.
It is also possible to export the data online and view the result on your screen computer.
For me metr.At is a must if you want data recording.

I do agree it is the best solution currently (opinion formed from viewing logs, reading reviews but not owning the module). It is just such a shame that instead of using the protocol VESC to talk to the app. The module encodes the data before sending over BT to the app. The module uses the VESC library to talk to the VESC before inserting an unnecessary layer of proprietary encoding. The sole purpose of this encoding step is so can sell its own modules and people can’t use the regular bluetooth ones. Not in the spirit of open source if you ask me. The VESC hardware and software are open and free to implement as you see fit.

I Think I Will try the metr module, but will make to make a donation to Vedder for his exceptional work with the VESC. Thank you for your inputs!

Great choice. did a great job with their plotting software and integrating it into forum for inline display is a suburb plus. I hope I didn’t make you feel bad going for a! should be compensated for their great graphing software. If only could make their graphing software open source and accept compensation in the form of being able to use the open source VESC libraries. At the end of the day is running a business and not violating the open source licenses on the VESC. Perhaps going to school out in California has gotten to me.

No no, not at all. I fully understand your point. I had allready purchased the VESC tool for android, thought it would work with a cheap BLE HM-10 module, but it didn’t.

I think im gonna be very pleased with the metr functionality, including the ability to change settings in VESC.

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So I have the flipsky 200A FSESC and the Bluetooth module. Im struggling to see where the data from my first ride today is being stored. Anyone able to help?

Got sorted, my own fault. Should have just kept swiping on android past ‘terminal’ and then past ‘bms’ option is right there then

Try to write file location like on image and make sure that you checked data logging box

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which version metr should I get?

i am using the Flipsky High Current FSESC 200A 60V ESC base on VESC6 for E-foilers

i am guessing the metr Pro, is the most commonly used, but should I get the one withe the PCB antenna or the small external Antenna…?

thanks for your help

Take one with the external antenna.
I changed also to the CAN version with build in GPS and SD-Card

I also have the can+SD+GPS version but haven’t tested it yet and winter is fast approaching… where to place the gps module for a good and constant reception?

I placed the Modul direct under the Twist lock.

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Thanks for your quick reply!

I’ll get that one than.

I have some questions.

I have Flipsky FSESC 200A based on VESC6 . I use the Mayte V2 control. I am using the UART (RX-TX, TX-RX) wires to display my VESC data on the control. Works good.

Now I would like to Log Data to my phone like many of you guys do.
So I believe I need a Blue tooth module and the vesc tool app on my android phone? I believe the blue tooth module requires connection to the RX and TX lines coming out of the VESC. 1) So how do I make that connection and still get the data displayed on my Mayte control?
2) Many of you also log GPS data. Where does that data come from?
3) There are a lot of very low price blue tooth modules out there. The Flipsky is $26 USD. What would you get?
4) Is there any good reason to go with the product rather than stay with the VESC tool solution.

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You need a uart split , to get 2 signal and use both remote and BT module

There post on the forum , look for it

Metr pro can would leave the uart free for the remote as you connect it to the vesc through can bus. Logging is also more convenient with Data comes from vesc, gps data from your mobile phone or a separate gps module that is connected to metr pro can. It can also log to a micro SD card. Price tag is not cheap.

Thanks. So I did a search on “UART splitter” and I found lots of information on the subject. Most interesting was ESK8. There is a product for this purpose made by one of the guys on that forum.

Then I got to thinking, The VESC is transmitting the data I see. I assume on the TX line. The Receiver is just receiving the data on the RX line. Maybe I could just “Tee” into that path with a second receiver RX on the blue tooth module. Seems like neither the control receiver or the blue tooth receiver actually transmit for any reason. I did read some communication on this subject. I’m going to give it a try when purchase a blue tooth module.

"The phone is where the GPS data comes from. "That makes sense. I feel dumb.

CAN bus. I have to lean more about the CAN bus.

As far as price goes, I don’t think I saved much money building my own e-foil.