Minimum speed and horse power needed?

I have a takuma concept foil.

1/ Could you suggest, what speed do I need to lift up on such foil for the regular size surfer (85kg) ?

2/ What horse power motor is needed for e-foil to work?

Thank you


Hi Mike, I have seen some of your jet surfing videos. Awesome! Are you building an efoil now?

There are several Takuma foils, they have some huge SUP foils, the V900, which can probably get you up foiling at around 7mph.

For power check out this thread: Does anyone know the ratio betwen liftoff power consumption and mid flight power consumption? - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) - Has also been discussed on other threads.


hi Merten

Sorry that post was from 2018… No i am not building my efoils, I am just a rider and tester. But these days I am recording interviews with DIY efoil and jetboard developers so i am very interested in this topic! Cheers!