Modify W4 waterproof remote to the index finger trigger

Hi, community,
I find that most people use Maytech or Flipsky remotes
All my needs are just 1 channel and a waterproof remote control for Efoil.
The Cheap China W4 remote control can completely meet my needs.
However, I didn’t like the way W4s use the thumb finger trigger to control, so I redesigned it to use the index finger trigger.
I reuse almost components of W4, just need 1 M3x15mm new. For the housing I used the 3D print services of JLCPCB, It really cheap ~ 6$, but the shipping cost is 17$ ( to Vietnam) :frowning:

Let me know if you have any ideas :slight_smile:


Waterproof Test:


NOTE: The magnet throttle and Magnet of the Power Slider must repel each other



And Test:

Video of all processes:

So which one do you prefer? and which ones are more comfortable?


Did you try the remote? The one i had (same model) was really poor, killing the riding experience. Problems with signal integrity causing throttle signal and power peaks

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I’ve been using it for 3 months, and I haven’t had any problems with it.
Maybe I haven’t exploited it to the same extent as you.
Can you show me how to test your problem?

This looks brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Would you mind sharing the 3d print files so that we can try it out?

The problem was that the throttle signal transmission had faults, causing power peaks. You’d be cruising along and suddenly the motor races for a short burst, sometimes enough to crash. If you haven’t noticed in three months then the issue must be corrected on your remote.

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You are welcome
You can download here: Free STL file Modify W4 waterproof remote for Efoil, eStake・3D print object to download・Cults

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That’s great. Thanks for these.

Wasn’t it the consequences of a register overflow error you’re refering to ?

Damn it, it is a really really big trouble, I test by turning off the TX and causing power peaks.
I’m contacting the seller to see how can fix it

The problem has been resolved.
You connect the Remote to the Rx, you release the throttle and the motor doesn’t turn, then you press the button on the Rx.
I did it and it worked