Motor mount for F2 fusselage?

Has anybody an idea where i can get a motormount for the F2 alu foil?
The mast is 146 mm … Or maybe it is similar to other brands? I will hope someone can help me.

For a new mast, the process is the same as the 2018 one:
1- take a picture from above (airfoil section)
2- open it from F360 macro available in one of @pacificmeister’s early posts
3- reproduce the airfoil section by segments
4- apply the spline algorithm
5- ajust the size
6- save in the format you want

Or find sbdy who has already applied the above procedure for his new mast eg: @nice2cu, @Manu and his Gong V2 mast, … anyone ?


For this step, I find it a lot more accurate if you have a scanner and can hold the mast perfectly vertical on it. It’s a lot better than a picture as there’s no distortion or warping like with a picture.

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wich kind is better for the mount: CNC-Aluminium or ist 3d Print (what kind of?) as goog as aluminium?

Lift use an injection plastic composite on their mounts. I don’t really think Alu is worth it as it takes too much time. CNC with acetal/delrin would work well.