Moulds for making a carbon mast and a wing

I sell my 3D printed moulds. You can`t believe how long it needed to print… :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:
Ready to laminate 50,-€ plus shipping.
More questions? Send pm

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Are there 3D files for the moulds??
Would be really cool.

of course, but I’m not allowed to publish it. There are rights on it.

Who could I contact for getting the stl files. did you create these files? Also what wings do the fuselage on that mold fit?

Igual te sirve

I bought it in this forum.
It needs a long time to produce. But it`s a pleasure in wintertime…

It looks really cool !!
How much did you pay for the moulds ??

I made it by myself. I bought a 3D printer , I needed four rolls of filament… and a long time

What prep do you have to do to the mould so that the epoxy/CF doesn’t stick to them when de moulding.

Sorry if I ask… I’m newbie,
I see there only the big wing, do you have also the little one ?
Is this ok for a DIY efoil please ?
I must make it from carbon fiber or do you think it can be make also in glass fiber.

Thanks a lot

p.s. I’ll ask something via PM

There is a special wax before using the mould. You have to put it on 5 times.
And yes, I had a mould for the backwing. But unfortunately I couldn’t find it. I tried the frontwing with other backwings and it worked perfect.
You can make it with glass, but you need more material. And at the end it is heavier

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No sorry, I meant how much you paid for the stl files from that weird website ?

For those intrested

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