My first inflatable project

Hi foil riders

I am Sebastiaan, a young student that has a passion for watersports.

After working for a year at the river in thoirette, I saw @Manu many times go by floating on the river and i asked him where did you buy the efoil.
He start laughing and said that it was a diy efoil he made by himself, so now I want to introduce me into the group.

I have already bought me a long carbon mala board by He is now on vacation so I am waiting when the order arrives and I have bought the same things that Manu buys at gong.
Now I like to start making the parts with the 3D printer, but I don’t know what material I should use with the 3D printer for the akkubox, the mast and the holder for my batteries.
What material have you guys used for the 3D printer.
I like to start making the parts so I can fit them together and start adding the layer of fibre vert and Carbon.
Thank you guys already for helping and give some good advice​:pray::pray::pray:


There are many ways to build a box, I built mine from a gfk sandwich with 5 mm foam core and 3d Printed inserts from ASA-X plus top and bottom plate from a cfk sandwich. See here: Daniels (un)geared inflatable (slowly built)
It still works with some modifications. The bottom plate could be re-done in one piece of cfk sandwich without the aluminium plate, that would further reduce the weight.