My Friend is selling his DIY eFoil in Germany close to Berlin

Hello everyone my friend is selling his DIY build. its a big MALA board with carbon reinforcement, 90 cm zeekomast with a Slingshot Hover Glide foil. the clamps and proppeller are selfmade! its a Outrunner motor with 120KV 4600W. you will need to add Battery, ESC and a remote and you are redy to Fly!

Hallo, verkaufe hier mein E-Foil aus der zweiten Generation. Es ist das große Mala-Board mit Kohlefaserversterkung. Dazu ein 90cm Zeekomast mit einem Foil von Slingshot Hover Glide mit 1502 qcm. Klemme und Prop sind selbst gefräst. Der Motor ist ein Outrunner mit 120KV 4600W. Regler, Akku und Funke dran und los geht die Fahrt…

If you are interested send me a DM and i will link you guys!


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Hi I would be interested.
How much he wants for it?

Hi, he wants 2250.- euro

It’s sold! Thank you guys

Hey, i search this Board. Where can i buy it?

Seems like he stopped producing them:
'Search results for 'mala' -
The best way to contact him was through his Facebook account.

@nice2cu has one of them.
'Slow Build Austria / Salzburg - #90 by nice2cu

Wrong, i have 3 of theme :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: