My interpretation of Efoil

Hello everybody,
in this forum I’ve seen a lot of different interesting buildings.
This time it’s my turn.
Some solutions are more complex than necessary but I have to take advantage of every construction to test new possibilities.
this is the video (part 1) of the building process

some more photos here


Bruce, seriously this is crazy. What an awesome work ! This is beautiful !

Very nice!
Greetings Frank

Bravo Alessandro,
Molto impressionante!

I admire your love to detail. Handwoven laminat, crazy dude!
Thanks for sharing your awesome build.
And hey, efoiling is always best when shared. So the trend is clearly going towards a second board.

Looking forward to see more :wink:

Very nice (as always ) , great ideas of construction
I see you filled the mast mount so it hold the weight of the motor
The part I was missing too that do the job :

Hi Alexandre, thanks!
I filled one half of the mast mount just because I needed to connect the water inlet to the channel obtained in the mast (if you look at 4:39 in the video you can better understand what I mean). In this way I didn’t use any tube inside the mast and the section dedicated to the water was the larger possible. Also the mast is a little bit stronger because the empty spaces are reduced to the minimum.
In the opposite side I put the second half of the mast mount. The clamping of the motor is traditional, like FR do.

When I’ll post the second part with the electronics I must ask you something about the setting of trampa 75/300 for FR motor… I’m not sure that it is working at his best.

Yes I saw the water cooling , but FR clamps the motor mount using the plate show in the pic , which you don’t get if you just buy the motor unit, on mine I had to fill it because after crashing the motor moved

Ok, now understand what do you mean.
I don’t have this piece but I don’t think that is an issue because I did an interface between the mast and the clamp.

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amazing carbon fiber and epoxy job as usual …I remenber one of your post about a specific foil for kiting (kitefoilforum): beautifull also !

Wow. Wow. Wow. Unbelievable.

Wow, what an amazing job with the different carbon fibre patterns and to mesh them together seamlessly. How long did it take you to develop such skills?

Another carbon fibre masterpiece to add to your portfolio.
I have watched your you tube videos you have made a lot of cool stuff from carbon fibre.

What an impressive job. A work of art. Bravo

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Really, really nice build. And very well documented. Compliments!

Always beautiful your creations

Hi all, thanks a lot, I’m pleased that you like it. I tried to do my best with no compromise.
I put some more photos about the battery compartment, it will be better shown in the part 2 of the video.

Optic fiber like :sweat_smile:… realized in epoxy to show the status of the ESC.

Glass fiber support to avoid vibrations


I want to look at such beauty, not ride!


:rofl: :rofl: It’s the same that I thought some time :joy:
More often the pleasure to see the results of a lot of work overpass the pleasure to use it.


Wow, that is incredible - what a build !

Cosmetics are incredible, but how is the esc cooled and why is the battery much smaller than the enclosure, since it needs to sit tight anyway?