Need Help With 65161 Waterproofing

Hey everyone, I have been reading a lot and I can’t believe how much information this forum has to offer. I’m at the point now where I have all the parts and I’m getting my project going. I will be making a post dedicated to my build soon. I don’t have too much experience as far as working with motors so I’m trying to learn as I go :smiley:. Anyways, I’m in the process of waterproofing my motor with Corrosion X. I pulled the shaft and the rotor out in one piece to fill it up half way as I have seen many people suggest. When I go to put the assembly back into the can though, the spacer on the shaft that sits on the bearing keeps falling off and stopping me from closing the motor. I have since drained the fluid back out in hopes to try it out first. I am certain the spacer is still on the shaft because when I pull it back out, it’s still sitting where it should. After compressing the lid as far down as I can, there is still a .5 inch space that I can’t compress to close the motor :rage:. To summarize I have two questions:

  1. How do you keep the spacer attached to the shaft when putting everything back into the motor?

  2. What’s the technique for lining up the shaft and resealing the lid so I can screw it all together?

Here’s a pic of the situation now…

Already discussed, you may find some info here,

It is also noted by some on the forum that corrosion X has a negative effect on the silicone sheath of the motor phase cables … It is therefore not recommended to use corrosionX but rather mineral oil.

Wow, I didn’t know that. I already filled and sealed my motor so I guess I’ll do some research and decide how much it impacts the silicone and if its worth draining everything. Thanks for letting me know Manu.

Hi, I had the same problem as you.

I think your shaft hasn’t quite reached the bottom yet, you still need to file down the bottom a bit but it shouldn’t be necessary.

When you are sure that the shaft has reached the bottom, to be able to put the lid back on, follow the advice that appears in the thread that the fellow osavcic has put you.

To get it aligned, try some longer screws that come to thread from the position where you are with the lid, so once you hit it you will ensure that they do not move.

hit slowly and with a metal pipe, try not to hit directly on the engine cover.

if you have any questions…ask me

Good idea with the longer screws to keep it aligned. After I got the shaft all the way down, I used two small clamps on either side of the motor to squeeze the lid back on tight. Just make sure it’s lined up correctly before you start clamping down, otherwise something could get bent. That way I didn’t have to bang on anything and risk damaging something inside the motor.

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Do you know how many ounce of corrosion x for a motor, please ?

For me It was a little under 4 ounces. Hope that helps.

Since corrosion x dissolves the silicon wires the answer is zero ml!
Best to use a non-aggresive (mineral) oil instead.


How did you separate the motor - did you use a puller of some sort? Mine was so tight that i gave up before i damaged it. thanks

You need to create a hub puller: a plate that rests on the shoulder of the shaft with 2 screws that are aimed at the part to remove, and then you tighten the screws and it comes out quietly …

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