New 75200 Flipsky 200A Vesc Watercooled for sale in Netherlands

Decided not to use therefore for sale.

New item, packaging still sealed
Flipsky invoice was 237usd, just make me an offer
Free shipping in NL

Link to Flipsky website with specs

can you give me the real dimensions? The ones on the website are for no watercooling version

Yep can do
7 x 5.5 x 16 cm
2.7 x 2.2 x 6 inch

Thanks. 16 is the housing or the water connectors?

The housing with water connectors is 17.5 cm in total.
The picture is not correct, only 2 water connectors on the engine side of vesc.

Actually there are 4 water connectors. The battery end has two and the engine end has two.

In the photo you can see Flipsky supplies a “loop back” tube with a spring around it to prevent crimping

Nope just 2 connectors. I think the external loop is an older model.


I bought one more than a year ago and another just this past winter and they both have the 4 connections

I purchased mine less than a year ago it has four water connectors

Still available? 20 chr

Still there, whats 20 chr?

Ze gebruiken dat om de tekst lang genoeg te maken (langer dan 20 karakters). Als de tekst te kort is, kun je het niet opslaan of posten.

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Have sent you message