New Build (Assembly Questions)

Hey All - Hats off to all the rockstars on this forum that have shared all the awesome innovation!

I followed the path of many others … building a slight variation on what @pacificmeister pioneered. Thanks man! I used a slightly larger gearbox (Parker PV23FE-005) which will be encased in an aluminum tube that is flush with the motor tube and gearbox. I also added a threaded thrust bearing mount that the tail section screws on to since I ground off the flange on the gearbox. Who knows if all this will work … but oh well! I love the build and am excited to try riding. Here is a pic of the parts pre-assembly …

I have a couple quick questions …

  1. Do you guys use any lubrication on the thrust bearing?
  2. Do you guys use any assembly lube on the o-rings? (I’ve rebuilt a couple automatic transmissions and petroleum jelly is used on the seals for ease of sliding things together - just wondering if this is an okay approach in your opinion)
  3. Has anyone had problems with using an ESC with an RC trigger style remote? I have the Hobbywing Platinum 130A HV V4 ESC which works fine with a helicopter joystick style radio, but I can’t seem to calibrate the throttle channel with a trigger style radio. The ESC error shows that it isn’t receiving a throttle signal. I’ve tried 2 different types of trigger style radios (both of which work with an RC car receiver / ESC. Any suggestions on a setting I may need to change?

Thanks in advance for any help! This forum rocks.

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Yes, you should use lubrication on both. Silicone lube is good for O-rings and for the thrust bearing I use Sewing machine oil. That stuff is amazing. Super cheap, easy to clean of your hands, it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t become sticky, it does not contain any acid and it is very thin, so it’s suitable for high speed applications. Thats my most used oil. I use for anything around the house amd workshop.

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I found this PDF, maybe it can help you!!

I use marine grease (blue or greenish, usually), quite thick, it’s a very good sealant as well as it won’t run off with water very easily. I put A LOT of grease on oring and into the tube and basically I fill competely the space between two oil seal, then the shaft push out the excess when you insert it thru. Thin oil is fantastic for hi speed but if get just centrifugated away in no time and you don’t want to open the pod at every run!


Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the advice!

One other question … what sort of water pump do you guys prefer for cooling ESCs? Thanks!

Self priming membrane pump, 6 to 12V. Cheap from ebay…shipped from china. Mine is not that self priming…I’ve a long pipe running down the mast, I’ve to prime it by sucking the tailpipe untill you hear the motor slowing down due to water filling the pump chamber…then better take out your mouth frpm the pipe if you don’t want to drink salt water;-)

The best pumps for cooling are TTS micropumps, but they are expensive.