New Build from Slovenia

So after 6 months of hesitation i finnaly decided to start my assembly.
I got the motor, esc, planetary gear and batteries 5months ago and was lacking motivation with assembly.
Now i decided that the Hydrofoil needs to be running before summer vacation.

The motor Esc and Planetary Gears work fine.
I programmed it so that when i press reverse it brakes slowly but not instantly.
Propeller was printed on a 3D printer for testing purposes by a coworker that owns a 3D printer.
If everithing works well i will make it out of aluminium on my 5 axis machine.
For the planetary gears i decided to go with reisenauer 6:1 because it is cheaper and was instantly avaliable. For the Neugart i would need to wait more than 6 months. The Reisenauer gears are a bit smaller so I had to change the dimension on the 3D model.

Pictures will be uploaded shortly.

PS: Special thanks to @pacificmeister for providing the 3d models. Without you i probably would never start this project.


the propeller was made with a 0.2mm stepover on a 3D printer. (It took around 10 hours to print it)
Now i am waiting for other parts to be printed.

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Ok so i have decided that i will make my own board. Just because i want to know how its done. I am not paying 1000€ for something that can be made for like 100€.
So i have ordered epoxy resin and Glass cloath.
I will make it out of Polystyrene which I will pickup in a shop near me.
Any 1 here that could share a good model for the foil that provides good lift? I am still deciding if i should buy it or make it.

Maybe i ll use this design if i ll make it on my own:

but i have no idea what material to use. maybe I will go with balsa wood and coat it with fiberglass and epoxy like the board. Any sugestions are welcome.

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Checklist how much i spended so far:
motor: SSS 56104 / 500KV Brushless 135€ +shipping
ESC: Hobbywing SeaKing HV V3 Waterproof ESC 130A 130€ +shipping
Planetary gear Reisennauer 6:1 251€ +shipping
Batteries controllers BEC and other stuff from hobbiking:
Battery: 2x LIPOS 6s ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 120€
BEC: 12€
Controller: 20€
some other stuff like cables, lipo alarm etc. 30€
5€ shipping eu warehouse

Epoksy resin 1.5L: 23€
Fiber Glass: 10x1m 50€
blue color die: 7€
shipping 5€

So far i spended 800€.


Nice , the gearbox was cheap , it is used ?

Nope. Its brand new.

How ? Paid mine 275€ …

My bad it was 241€ actually.
so 241 for the gear and 10€ for the pinion.

Finnaly got a good model for the board.
After googling for more than 2 hours i decided that the best material will be XPS.
It doesnt absorp water so if i get cracks in the board i wont have to worry about absorbing water like EPS.
I hope i made the right choice
I decided to go with 1750x700mm with 12cm thickness.
It feels a bit heavy now. But that’s before shaping and cutting.

As for the foils i am still deciding which 1 to buy.
I think i will go with SUP foil for my first ride.
But would really like your input on this.
i am looking at aliexpress:
Would appreciate if you guys could give me any feedback.

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Look at GONG as well. Many different wings and masts to choose from.

About the board, one thing that i would recommend is to cut the nose flat so that the foil can stand steady by itself.

+1, 386usd ExVat for export or 399 EUR incl VAT for EU zone is a very good price. Plus they also have a spare part catalogue and the mast clamp is available (credit @Manu)

Do you mean without bevel (rocker) ?

You can have my model if you like @gorsek1. Look at Cybefoil build to see. It turned out pretty nice :slight_smile:




I mean the nose/tip of the board. If it’s pointy the board cannot rest “standing”. It’s a small thing but I like to be able to leave the board on the dock without having to lay it on the side…

Thx for all your replies. Now i have some material to work with.
The Gong foil looks nice + i dont have to wait 2 months to be shipped from china.
What length of the mast do you recommend?
I am thinking of going with the size L with 80cm Mast.

@cyberfoil i sended you a pm.

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You can easily change wing. Start with L and get a smaller one if you want more challenge.

The mast on the other hand is not so easy to change. I went for the 65cm but in retrospect I would have liked the 80cm. I like to ride high!

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That is a good point. Since I have never built the board part from scratch, I have never thought of that. My next build will have a flat nose. Or a kick stand.

Thx @Riwi i have ordered the foil from gong with 80cm mast. They had a 10% off because the foil was a bit scratched. But its just opticall and you can barrely see it. So i ordered that for 350e :slight_smile:
Also i got the 3d printed parts and bearings today so i can start with the motor assembly.

Almost finnished with the motor assembly.
Tomorrow i need to buy some M5 and M3 screws. To finnish the propeller assembly

Btw do you people use stainless ball bearings?
I was thinking of putting the shaft bearing before the ball bearings.
So it would be. Shaft seal - ball bearings - shaft seal