New competitor with something different : HydroFlyer

Did you guys see this new competitor in the efoil game :

Basically it’s a very large efoil, with a different looking board + a handlebar + no stab’, only the main wing.

On the first videos that came out, it looks really hard to keep a good stability.

From my point of view, it should have been electronically stabilized so that anybody can use it.
What do you think about this new toy ?

  • I know the foils are good because they are using Unifoil foils.
  • The board removes the need to lie down and then stand which some struggle with, so it makes it easier from that perspective.

I just can get over that it looks a bit like a foil scooter and that if you ride it with your feet side by side it looks like you are dry humping the air


From Hong Kong
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Hey Jezza,

That’s me in the video riding and “the humping” is only due to going a little fast there for the very large wing I was riding. I think I was doing about 40Km/h there on a hyper 210 which is a very large wing and obviously makes things a little twitchy. That being said it’s much easier to ride this thing fast without the fear of being run over by an efoil.

We are actually a Canadian company but have offices there as well.

Did you completely remove the option to use a stab or did you simply put a rounded plug at the end of a std Uni split fuse?
Have never tried to go stab-less, what would be the benefit? It does no seem like a carving machine regardless…

What is the benefit/downside of not having a rear stabilizer?

The missing link for rentals. Here is my September 2020 guess for the FlyWay (Flying Rodeo):

200925 Flyway guess

On your HydroFlyer , is it a radio link between the handle bar and the receiver ?
You’re driving it mostly on lakes for stability reasons (no stab) but have you tried it on the sea ? In waves ?

We have a patented design that uses the rear duct as a stabilizer. It gives the efficiency of an unguarded prop with while keeping things safe. It blows my mind that companies sell units without guards on them. Don’t get me wrong I’ve ridden boards I’ve made without prop gaurds before but you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think they’re super dangerous.

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The rear duct is the stab^

Yes I much prefer to use on the sea and in waves but the flat calm water is what the general public likes to see. We will have much more content out soon

Yes throttle is wireless so can easily be ridden as a regular foil when handlebars are removed

On your vidéos it looks way less stable than a regular efoil. We can see that your pelvis is always moving back and forth.
Is it really easier than a regular efoil ? Did you try with people who do not have any experience with watersport ?

Hey Thom,

Yes we’ve tried with several people who’ve never been on foil before and the learning curve is way faster as well as safer. Basically you just hold onto the bars and the foil goes the opposite direction of you when you fall as opposed to classic beginner jackknife fall where they fall towards the mast.

^As I mentioned earlier the twitchiness is due to large wing at high speed.

It’s been proven that ducts are more dangerous than open props because a hand/finger/toe/foot can’t get knocked away. Lots of discussion on that in this forum but the conclusion was it’s more dangerous with the duct which is why you see innovative companies selling product without them.


Surprised with all the rubberised edges on foils no company has left the duct off and rubberised the edge of the prop. You’ll still get a solid bruise but it may prevent slicing someone…

great!great! This is very interesting.

Not much information for the past 11 months …

In 2024, Seadoo will offer a similar product.

Hydroflyer did bring interesting developments though. I love the remote…