New Direct Drive Inrunner 65150

I used 4 x M5 on my last pod. If they have used 6 x M4 it will be just as good durability wise. I think this motor should work well. If one person takes the jump and it works, I can see many more buying motors.

I sent an inquiry as well with a few questions.
Customer service says the Motor is IP68 waterproof.
I’m still trying to decipher some of the weird sentence structure, but if I understand correctly the bearings are also waterproof (or at least sealed so that they don’t come in contact with water) but no thrust bearings are used.
He also mentioned “Shaft is waterproof with oil seals”.

For direct drive if deep groove bearings are used i dont see the need of a thrust bearing, correct me if im wrong

I look forward to reading real-world experience if anyone buys one. I’m pretty much at a dead end for now with my PM build due to shaft seal leaks so it would be awesome to jettison that back half of my drive! The seller should provide a free or heavily discounted sample to one of us as if it really does work they will easily sell dozens more.

The torque they stated above is just not correct. It`s only about a quarter of that given above…will be not enough… or only if you burst a lot energy into heat at your ESC…
Got better graphs of this motor:

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I suppose you refer to the following table:

RT Motor D83-325 D83-270 D65L150-100 D65L150-80
Max Torque 105kg*cm 115kg*cm 115kg*cm 120kg*cm
Max Torque (N*m) 10.5 11,5 11,5 12

The second line is mine and was later confirmed by Convert kg-cm to N-m - Conversion of Measurement Units
So the possible errors can only come from … Reacher Tech.
Can you confirm you got this new graph from them ? I can’t read the horizontal line unit (abscissa) so I have difficulties to figure it out …

Yes got it from them…

Here is the data I got from them, hope it’s readable. They testet this motor with max.52 A.
Someone has an idea what the torque looks like from an SSS56114 at those Amps ( paired with 5:1 gear). Max. Amps continuous is 100A.


for the sss geared i would say something around 12nm with still a good efficency


That’s interesting. The 100KV motor is actually capable of 6KW input power so should in theory be able to produce more torque.

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Never blindly trust specs from Chinese manufacturers :slight_smile:

I think Peters Design is much more compelling and optimized for our specific use (High torque, low KV, low weight and easy to waterproof)

Has anyone tried this 65150 yet?

No one that I know of.

I ordered one, still waiting on delivery. In the mean, I plan to build the cad for it.


They have good reviews overall on the Alibaba site.

Anyone try their controllers?

Have you received your 65150 Direct Drive Inrunner and tested it ?

Maytech is in the game:

what do you guys think about 9nm Torque and 195Kv?

At $600 for one it’s pretty expensive to experiment and see if it might work. I think it would be in maytechs best interest to send out a test unit to one or two people so that they can review it. If it works well then they will have buyers.
The 192kv is on the high side but may still work.

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Compatible with Reacher Tech figures seen above

@Eileen, what do you think ?