New easyfoil prop

Just got my easyfoil prop from eu. To Canada in a week. Bought a pair to try out on both my 100kv and 120kv setup.



Pretty much the same as Flying Rodeo !!!:thinking::thinking:


My understanding from Easyfoil is that this is their own design from the ground up…

I tried to buy a FR prop for a whole year… Emailing and waiting for them to come into stock on the webpage… Then emailing again and putting posts on relevant discussions on his props. I would rather buy something for half the price where I can actually get in touch with the person selling the stuff…

I’m sure FR was awesome since it was offering a bunch working products for the DIY community back when we had no options. But the cost model doesn’t reflect well to my pocket book and it certainly has no loyalties.


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Who cares even if it’s an identical clone (which I don’t think it is as the leading and trailing edges look slightly different). If its easy for other builders to buy then cool potatoes.


I have a feeling I’ll go back to 3D printed for the ability to tinker.

But I do have a flite prop also on the way that I will test out. I wish I had a 2 blade to try out also. I’m interested in collecting some data.


Is this milled ? Looks either metal 3D printed or casted + post processed to me. What’s your opinion on this ? Some spots on this prop really doesn’t look milled. You don’t get this no matter if it would be milled on 3 or 5 axis.

This is totally bs, you realize this is pretty much exactly the same design as FR ? How in the world would they have the same design if they started from the ground up :sweat_smile: Furthermore the way they speak of their propellers makes me doubt they have any experience in hydrodynamics at all.
Oh and if you are wondering if I do, at least I tried to use the same software FR was using back in the days and got a design that I shared on the prop thread. I’m a rookie, but at least managed to get a decent model. I therefore know this is impossible to get the same design from the ground up, there are tons of parameters you can adjust, not just couple to get a good design :sweat_smile:

They might have changed these regions just a bit (even though I doubt so). The problem isn’t coming from this, most of us can clearly see this is a clone.
The issue is they keep saying this is made from scratch or that they have in house R&D. Lol, let me borrow a 3D scanner and I can come up with the exact same model in few hours. They keep bullshitting us about their in house R&D and they come up with a clone :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:

I think you’re a little over excited. It’s a prop. If it works and it cost less. Sign me up.

But yeah. Good passion.


Yeah maybe, I just can’t stand lies and bullshits lol, sorry. I’m the kind of guy that would rather buy original to support the product but this is just personal opinion.

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It looks more 3d printed or cast, but that wouldn’t fit with the claimed material type of 7075. Either way, I’m not too phased.

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That looks more milled. But what coating is it that’s making it look printed?

Can you also share closer pictures of followings regions please ?

It was only a remark and not a reproach, but take it as you wish.

:rofl: :rofl: NICE copy but terible CNC milling


But available for sale. Nearly half the price. Answers emails.

I actually tried to give you my money.

Was there actually a significant amount of r and d done for your prop ? CFD and engineering ? Looks like a pretty standard propeller design to me. I just think you were one of the first to offer such a high pitch alu prop in such a small size to people trying to dyi their own efoils. This isn’t ground breaking technology. Unless a 3 blade spinny thing is “copying” your “design”.

Correct me if I’m wrong. I love data.



I am very sory if anyone has had a bad experience with us but I am trying to fix it in the future. I also do not approve of copying another work because it’s a lot of work if you want to make a good pcs.

but you can buy one prop here for the price of one propeller but instead you can assemble two.

and alsoe i think 168€ for high quality prop its realy good price.


Here is what a raw part looks like when milled. I just took these pictures, this is a solid 7075 bloc, there is no post processing, no polishing. It’s the part you’d get out of the mill machine :

As you can see, the surface isn’t porous, it’s clean, smooth and even, which is why I believe what you are pointing out right now isn’t milled from a block. Might be casted + post processed on the mill machine to take off the rough areas, I don’t know. I can only comment on what a real milled part look like…

Yes the part looks cast then milled. I would expect different tool marks depending on the tool being used. Number of flutes. Diameter of cutting tool. Speeds and feeds etc.

Plenty of good products are cast then machine finished.

I like the prop. Again it’s available to buy now. Shipped in only a week. Inexpensive. As well as active in emails.