New Foil Assist: here is the "TakeOff" from Manta Foils

I thought this probably deserves its own post - a new under board foil assist from forum member @Mantafoils. Looks to be well thought out and designed at an amazing price point.


So true. As many ideas and potential customers come from this forum (FoilDrive started publishing his results here with RCJ, no hole in mast, the power tool battery set with @nicolasLGM and many before him, … ), strange that @Mantafoils is not here to launch and introduce their self-crowdfunded campaign :wink: (saving a 8% fee claimed by the host platform on the final price)
Congratulations to Mantafoils for bringing such nice improvements to a Foildrive V2 base:

  • the first brand to include the airtravel compliancy,
  • universal mast mount: no drilling or holes, preserves the mast integrity,
  • a high quality remote,
  • out of any patent, 48mm thick, could it replace a 10,000++$ efoil one day with the suitable battery ?

I find this design to be super DiY friendly… time to learn how to transform a Parkside 20V battery into a 20V 98WH waterproof one with a BMS supervising charge and discharge … :grinning:


hi guys,

We weren’t quick enough to post it here.
We actually only posted on our own channels. People have shared our posts a bit all around on their own.

Its actually good sign as this shows high interest.

To be fair, the number of pre booking we got in forst 12hrs is well beyond our expectations.


Having some trouble with comparison chart

FDA-S - Foil Drive Assist - Slim (Gen 2). ?

FDA-M - Foil Drive Assist - Max (Gen 2). ?

SF ?

FB-N. ?

Guessing, but the below makes sense.

SF = Stokefoil

FB-N Fliteboard Nano

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Thanks. I just checked and the Foildrive pricing lines up with chart

The USA website for Stoke Foil pricing is quite a bit lower than chart though so not sure

Including a full board price for Fliteboard with Nano battery ( ie board and drive system) is sort of strange to include in the chart.

Cool product though!

The innovation here is that, as battery technology and capacity evolves with time (SAMSUNG 50s today, 60 or 70s tomorrow), you just need to change the battery pack without:

  • breaking the waterproof barrier,
  • sending it to a maintenance center to preserve the warranty (= $$$)
  • opening the product and ruining the warranty,

It’s a lot of seals and engineering in it. Kudos to mantafoils but seems like there are many possible failure points on it.

Beach sand on one of the seals, small leak, then connector is eroded by the galvanic potential in just one session in salt water, things like this.

A box of coton buds + a tube of tefgel will be offered for free :wink:

Sans titre

Same problem as with amphenol connectors in contact with sea water eg: the Lacroix vortex. As you mention, the durable solution is based upon the seal quality.

Misc questions :

  • will you propose different cable path lengths along the mast trailing edge ?
  • isn’t a plastic cable path separate from the trailing edge a weak point in case of foot contact ?
  • is the TakeOff usable as an efoil with the ext option ?

we may offer 2 cable length (short and full length). but not finalized yet… out design is such that the full extra cable when engine mounted high can be stored in the back cover.
this way you dont have headache when chossing a product config.

short may make sense to be proposed for those that only want high mounted motor.

as for the profile its aluminum and not plastic and it will be included in the kit with at least 2 if not 3 lengths. and you may even cut it yourself if you are not happy with given length.

when extension pack in attached it is basically similar capacity as a flite nano (slightly lower) so you can surely efoil with it for a limited time… we estimate 30-45 min depending on rider and speed / wings used.

our efoils have approx 33kg thurst while this motor has been tested at 29kg thrust on the same bench.


As a current FoilDrive + user I’m definitely looking forward to what Manta comes out with. I don’t expect any of these systems to be foolproof (FoilDrive certainly isn’t). Just hoping they work well enough with a dose of careful user maintenance.

Definitely a bit skeptical they can actually meet the specs they’ve laid out in the anticipated time frame but I’ll certainly be ready to fork over the $$ if they can pull it off😀

Definately for the half price of a foildrive assist, this looks very promising. And the fact you can carry it on flights makes it perfect for traveling… Only system that you can carry so far is the Stokefoiling Same price and looks pretty solid too… But the possibility to extend riding time (with add. batteries) towards efoils is just supercool :heart_eyes:

They launched an Indiegogo campaign

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@Mantafoils Can you confirm Takeoff works with RL Boards mast please.

yes it does. RL mast is a similar to manta mast.


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This will be interesting, there’s a couple of companies that have tried and failed a glove style remote.

But thats great idea… With glove style remote i have my hands free to grab the wing or paddle… Thats actually pretty genius. I :heart_eyes: that takeoff Foil System system already :heart_eyes:

Anything worth showing from the MantaFoil presence at Boot Düsseldorf 20-28 jan 2024 ?