Perfect low cost lithium ion commercial battery for efoil or foil drive assist : LIDL Parkside X20V 8AH

I recently snapped up 4 LIDL X20V 8AH batteries, and was finally able to test them in real-life conditions.

So 2 in parallel then in series, i.e. a 10S4P 16AH combo, with 85-100A max, but for my 70kg and an GONG XXLT fluid, I was using 40-50A to take off, but I could go up to 80A easily.

Very good range, over 10km, no overheating at all, I’m very pleasantly surprised.
So for a budget of 216 euros (54 € / battery X 4), + a 12A charger at 50 euros, = 266 euros, I have a 10S4P lithium ion battery without knowing how to solder, without taking the risk of mounting my battery.

XT90 adapter very easy to print and assemble.

And I plan to integrate them into a DIY foil drive assist kit, just 2 in series, 10S2P 8AH, it should be great, just need to find the right box.


awesome :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hello Nicolas,

I have been looking through the forum to build a simple Efoil, and was very interested by the different solution you did. I like your efoil based on the gong 5.5 hipe + group 7 flipsky. I am 1.70m and 65 Kg do you think I could go with a smaller board (in case I want to use it one day for wing foil). Also in order to have more ride time, I would like to have 6 baterries parkside of 8AH with 3 group of 2 in series. I suppose it would be equal to 24 AH. Do you think I could ride ~1 hour with that ? For the wing I read that you like the curve LT but it is not available anymore :frowning: I don’t know which one to choose that is similar ( I am not a beginner in efoil). What maximum efoil speed can you get with those parkside batteries ? Well done with this clever parkside solution, I 'll follow your project closely :+1: Thank you for your answers when you will have time.

Hi FlyDude,

Nice to hear that you like my simple and low cost kit.

for 65kg, and if you already know how to efoil, the hipe first 5.0 95L may be sufficient. My only problem with Hipe first is that there is no strap inserts, so in wave, with my strap going around the board, it may happen that the box slides in medium waves, and that is not a good thing at all for a foil drive assist. For efoling, the hipe first with strap works well.

I may configure a different way the 6 packs to limite the voltage of the package ( 15S seems too important for your weight), I will dot 2 pack of 3 in series, so 10S6P, 36V with 24AH, it will be perfect for efoiling.
Regarding duration, it depends on the front wing, I think the curve V2 L will be perfect, and will be ok for 1h. If you have the budget and wants to have more glide, a curve H XXL or XL may be good too (not tested yet).

I tested the parkside at 30km/H with a big front wing, far enough for me in term of speed, I prefer cruising and carving, no need for high speed.

Without disassembling them (Parkside 20V8AH batteries should be 5s2p set-ups), how do you combine 20V batteries to reach 36V ? As I understand it, the total voltage for 1/2/3 packs in series should be 20V / 40V or 60V (5s/10s/15s)

sorry it was not clear, Parkside says X20V serie, but if you take nominal voltage (3.6-3.7V), it’s more 5S = 5x3,6V = 18V
When fully charged it’s 4,2V = 5S = 21V

If you combine 2 Parkside batteries X20V 8AH in series, you have 36V nominal, 42V full capacity. (really enough for foil drive assist for my weight of 70kg)

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Thank you Nicolas for your quick answer. Maybe I am wrong, but what I understood is to put battery in serie to add voltage and in parrallele to add capacity. So I would do 3 pack of 2 in series in order to have 36V and 24 ah in total. I have put a scheme like that :
efoil battery

Also in order to reduce cost. I am looking if I could go with a motor 6384 120Kv motor (~70€) + ESC fly color HV 3 160 A (~100€).

The goal for me will be to do efoil for ~1 hour (not foil assist), not really fast (~25km/h).

yes we are saying the same, you can do it both ways to have 10S4P, (two in parallel in a serie with 2 other in parallel, or Two in serie in parallele of two other in serie)

Just tested the Flycolor HV V2 80A, with 10S2P Lidl parkside battery (two 8AH in serie) for a foil drive assist surf session, working like a charm, managed to efoil and surf foil for 10 minutes straight, no overheat, and a global session of 1h15 with 6 efoiling part of 10 minutes
When I stopped and opened the box, the ESC is very hot, but never stopped due to temperature during the session.


OK thank you Nicolas, by the way I have finally ordered 8 batteries of 8 AH :wink: I will do 2 group in series of 4 batteries in parallele to reach 40V 32 AH (I suppose it is equal to 10S8P) ! This way I will be sure to have minimum 1 hour of efoiling. The price of the batteries online at LIDL have increased to 69 € :frowning: but I found some new one on “Leboncoin” and I ended up to 350 € for my 8 batteries :+1:. Next step will be to find the correct IP67 box. For the ESC I think I will go with the flycolor HV3 160 A.

In LIDL physical shops, they are presently at 54€ (saw them 2 days ago and 2 months ago). Seems there is overproduction.

nicolasLGM which battery adapter did you print? can you put a thingiverse link?

yes 54€ in shop, but stock is almost over in shop, couldn’t find anymore in my shop :frowning :frowning:
(I bought 6 at 54 euros)
at 69 euros it’s not such a bargain anymore

I modified a little to fit with bigger holes for 10AWG cable,

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thank’s nicolasLGM

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Hi Nicholas,

Does the BMS limit current output with the LIDL Parkside X20V batteries? I tried using two 18v Makita batteries in series and it didn’t produce enough power to get me on foil with a foil drive type system (6384 motor 150kv) which can easily get on foil with a 6S lipo battery. The Makita battery seems to reduce current around 80% throttle on the remote.

I used my lidl batteries for efoiling and foil drive assist, I can get 60A easily ( I never draw 60A more than 15 seconds, just the time to fly) and when flying I use 18-25 A)

I use it in 2 serie for foil assist ( 10S2P) and 4 series/paralell (10S4P) for efoiling.

For foil drive assist, the batteries are a little hot after a 40 minutes session with a lot of efoiling between the waves

I have a huge question, I configured the batteries BMS in ECO mode (max 60A and min 3V per cell), but I’m not sure whether the BMS works or not when using the LIDL batterie with my adapter (and not using it with a lidl tool which has the third connector to the battery). Does anyone have any idea ?

(I can get to 2.8 V per cell when I enjoy too much my session, despite the 3V limit)

Hi Nicolas,
I am new to this forum and a real beginner in term of elctronics and batteries, but I try to gather information to make a DIY foil assist. I found the idea of using Parkside batteries very interesting as they are relatively cheap and probably safe. Could you please share the details of your entire set up with lidl/parkside batteries. Also, did you get any insight regarding the functionalities of the BMS when used for foil assist system? I undertand the risk is to quickly deteriore the batteries if excesively low voltage is reached during use? Thanks for your help!

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Very good price during the january sale in France for parkside 8AH battery (42€) :
(84€ for a 10S2P 21700 battery is a very good price)

Well there are for sure some chinese cells inside, and if you would by these: Molicel INR21700-P42A 4200mAh - 45A Clear wrap - Reclaimed - 21700 & 20700 - Li-ion - Wiederaufladbare Batterien | NKON

you will have 10 better cells for less money.