New Project "Stern Thruster"

Hello, I am new here and was looking for advise on a new project. I know this board is about efoils, but figured this was the place possibly to get me pointed in the right direction. I want to put an efoil motor something like the Flipsky 65111 and mount it sideways on the back of my 250 hp Suzuki outboard. This will act as a stern thruster. A company already has something similar available but I wanted to build my own. I am familiar with ac voltage (refrigeration mech) but not DC voltage nor do I know anything about ESC or what battery size to use. I need about 35 to 40 lbs of thrust and I need it to work in reverse. I would attach a pic of what the company has available but I do not see how to do that. I also would like it to be setup with wireless switch to mount on dashboard. My boat is 23 ft long.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated! Best John

BTW, this motor will only be used for a brief moment. Typically at the most 30 seconds in one directions.

You could ask @SONICJK who had the same idea 10 months ago. If needed, you could mount efoil folding propellers that generate little drag after use