New Release: Complete Efoil Board

New Release: Complete Efoil Board Plug and Play 40km/h Hydrofoil Board
The kit Includes:
1x 70182 9KW Waterproof Motor with 7.25*6 inch Propeller with guard
1x 300A ESC built in
1x 2.4Ghz Waterproof Remote
1x 58V 44000mAh Battery with charger
1x Carbon Fiber Board
1x Efoil Mast
1x Efoil Wing

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Show us the inside of the board…

Who is the manufacturer of the board and how much should it cost?

Click the pic… 20char……

Let’s see the battery and the charger.
What does the remote look like?

This is the board that we designed and manufactured cooperated with our customer.
1set price is US$6589/set.
If order 10sets at a time or group buy order totally to at least 10sets, price is US$4000/set (This price is not include any shipping fee, transfer fee)

You can check more specs in below link:

Here are some pictures for the battery, charger and remote:

The battery is with waterproof case.
The remote is revise version that we cooperated our customer based on MTSKR1905WF, if you want to use MTSKR1905WF is also ok.

Thats the same as the Erayfoil remote…

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Why are the logo’s in the pictures on the board all blurred out?

Ok i click the pic and I read , the graph …

  • why you don ‘t use your remote
  • I don’t see 40km/h on the video
  • how a 105kv motor can pull a rpm of 6954 at 59.43v under load ?

A lot of things doesn’t match , anyone is supposed to check this before advertising ?

I am not saying it is a bad product but this can let us wonder about what we are really buying …


How are you cooling the esc
Any pictures of the battery compartment?
How is the mast attached to the board?
Thank you

Because Maytech are just piecing together components from different manufacturers…

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For DIY, can we buy just the board?

Wow, $4k to get 10 buyers. I’m down, 9 more?

Yes, board can be ordered seperately
1-9 pcs price is US$2900/pcs
Order 10pcs or group buy more than 10pcs, price is US$1900/pcs.

New to the forum, and still considering all my options. I might be interested too.
It would be good to do a deep-dive of all the components - any reviews yet?

Maytech Frankenstein.
I’d expect it comes with the typical non existent Maytech warranty.


The price does not reflect the cost of shipping! and the duties needed to be paid! I blank glassed board only. for $1900-$2900 is very high! Unless that includes the battery too? @PaulKirdy Please tell people what the estimated cost of shipping and duties are?

Look at the quality of this board, The Seahorse e-foil project If its only a board you need Seahorse is selling it for 886euro + tax.

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@PaulKirdy is ESC based on VESC?

Hi friend, in the complete efoil board, ESC is not based on VESC.