New store on Aliexpress for Flipsky products--E-ARK Tech

We can make propellers, and we can customize propellers for customers. We have a set of program codes for automatically generating propellers (of course, this code algorithm is verified by a lot of experiments). We can make the propellers you want according to the parameter requirements you provide. .

Diamond Dinamics, do you have also complete set to buy ?

Hi Gianvi
We develop and produce thrusters. We can also customize thrusters or motors with different thrusts for customers according to different needs. We are a professional manufacturer of motors and thrusters.

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541xx is not powerfull enough as direct drive on efoil.

There are more powerful, 46KG thrust.

If one orders vx3 remote from your ali site, which version would be delivered?

V1.2 version will be shipped, or you can let you know your requirment. Thanks.

Thnx, just ordered one.

Thanks for your support, we will upload tracking number after the package is shipped.