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Hi guys, this is Fitz from E-ARK Tech. We just open a new store on Aliexpress to sell Flipsky products,here below is our store link.–

Welcome to follow our store to learn the latest products and discount offer, we will try to be your one-stop shop for efoil products.

Specific link for Flipsky products:

Pls contact us freely if there is anything we can help, happy foiling, my friends.

i had a few questions about your 65161 motor, in this picture there are 4 wires, in all the other pictures the 4th wire from the center of the motor is not there, you are also listing this motor for $500 when banggood is selling it for $350 and flipsky $450, there is nothing listed about a sensor wire and it says in your description “Flipsky Brushless Motor Sensorless Amphibious Fully Waterproof Motor” im just wondering what that wire is for since its not mentioned

the 4th wire is Hall sensor wire, now we do not have this version motor in stock. Just update the pictures and make the price more competitive, only $399.99 for the motor and you can use discount to spend less. Thanks for your reminding.

Since all the products price increase dramatically recently. To celebrate the open of our store, We,E-ARK Tech will try our best to offer cost-effective products within May this month.

So you guys could let us know what products you would like to order, thanks.

whoa i did not know the 65161 motor had a option for a hall sensor wire thats cool, the next motor i buy i will get from you guys!!

Hi, I think there will be a lot of interest in the propeller and the wing in Europe if they have better parameters than the current products.

For example, this offered propeller is nice, relatively cheap, made of quality material, maybe well balanced, but not suitable for e-foil drive. The propeller has several bugs, for example

  • wrong direction of rotation - is clockwise (better rotation in the opposite direction - counterclockwise)
  • on the narrower side of the hub there is a kind of radial groove, which increases the turbolence behind the propeller
  • the shape of the blades indicates a low hydrodynamic efficiency of the propeller (I estimate 8 to 12%)

From all this it logically follows that the propeller is suitable at most for a small fishing boat on the calm surface of a small pond.

Thanks for your support. But it seems that this version motor is stopped production.

Thanks for your detailed explantion, we will let you know asap once we have similar products like you mention above.

got it, thanks for letting me know. that would explain why no one else has it.

I’m afraid this is too complicated a task for you, you are only a businessman (not a designer, manufacturer). For example, how to determine the blade shape or the number of blades is rocket science. It’s also dependent on whether the propeller should achieve high efficiency (extend battery life), or high thrust (big weight rider), or high speed … or various trade-offs between all that. The same is true for the wing.

A possible solution is that you mediate contact between the manufacturer of the propeller in question and a hydrodynamics expert. The hydrodynamics expert can then very easily explain what changes need to be made to the propeller to suit the particular motor type.

Yes, it will not be easy. I checked the forum and found there is FR Prop that may suit your need?
Wondering if you already checked this link or not?—

Hi Eark,

for us in EU it would be most important that you have shipping from EU warehouse.

I believe that there are currently an estimated 6 types of propellers in successful use among e-foil users around the world. The FR propeller is only one of them, and is probably the most expensive of them all. It is therefore not possible to answer which propeller would suit the most. I personally am interested in getting the propeller that will allow the greatest speed and longest cruise. However, these are two conflicting requirements, only two different propellers can meet them. So I need two different performance propeller types. Unfortunately, the current FR propeller type does not meet these requirements.

A possible solution is that you broker a contact between a Chinese propeller manufacturer. I can then provide him with all the necessary data to start producing propellers for e-foils with the highest pramaters in the world and at a favourable price.

Can you put me in touch with a Chinese propeller manufacturer? Yes or no?

Sure, will let you know after we have this kind of service. Thanks for attention on E-ark Tech

We are able to do that, but normally manufacturers like this do not know English.

(Build from Moscow!)

This is just one of all the other examples of a forum member buying a relatively expensive motor (Flipsky 65161) and the propeller offered with it (suitable at best for a small fishing boat on the calm surface of a small pond:-). He subsequently finds he can’t use it, so he either puts it away or has to go through the sophisticated process of reducing the diameter of the blades by grinding them down. However, such a trimming process is always trial and error. As a result, sooner or later he has to buy a new propeller. And since his budget is also reduced, his first choice is this propeller It is a propeller that is not only one of the six favorites (as I explain above), but originally designed to power the Fliteboard e-foil, which is considered the best in the world.

understand, thanks for sharing the information with us.

Glad to let you know that we re-sell HGLTECH products now,too. We have flash sales for 65162 motors now within 48 hours.Pls check the link below for more details:

You guys could let us know what products you would like to order from E-Ark Tech, we will try to upload more hgltech products and offer flash sales for all you needed. Welcome to leave comment below.

(How would you trim down this metal prop?)

So the topic is about the same propeller that you are offering today (8 June 2021) on your e-shop and claiming that this propeller is an accessory “for Efol”.

It’s unbelievable, the topic “How would you trim down this metal prop?” was already created almost three years ago (November 10, 2018) and to this day not a single Chinese propeller manufacturer has shown interest to start producing the correct performance type propeller.

We are interested in your proposal. Could you pls kindly check your private message, we can talk more there.