One remote for few ESCs

Hello guys,

I have 3 ESC

  1. Flipsky High Current FSESC 200A 60V ESC base on VESC6
  2. Seashark 200A - FVT RC Boat Parts 5-12s 200A Brushless ESC (for 6384 100kv motor + backup for Flipsky 65161 120KV)
  3. Flycolor 150A ESC 6S (main for 6384 100kv motor)

I didn’t buy any remote for now, and didn’t start developing it. I’m interesting if it’s possible work with all ESC’s with one universal remote.
Which problems or specifics in electronics could stop me?

Yes, the remote works with all ESCs, as long as the reciver has a pwm signal output. You can also build your own with arduino, there is a servo library that can be used. Commercial remotes have to be waterproofed, eve the so called waterproof ones. Search the forum to see how it can be achieved. Two guys in the forum also sell homemade remotes, that could also be a source. For the receiver you need 5V, eiter from a separate BEC or from the ESC if it has a built in 5V output.


ok, that’s good, all other points I already knew.
I have already asked one forum member and he said that he also has only one remote for all esc’s.

I only doubt about source of energy for receiver - you already mentioned about BEC, and second point was about difference between VESC maybe… and differences how throttle level will be configurated on each ESC

The only problem you may have , is with esc for boat , endpoint ( calibration of the travel of the trigger ) may not be understood , same as Some classic esc and remote without reverse

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I saw here few topics about possible problems with Seashark if you talking about it, so I warned about possible problems but it was 20$ discount and I have no another chance not to buy it :rofl:

No I wasn’t aware , I had the problem with the hobbyking 90A boat esc and same for @pacificmeister with the hydra esc

Yes @Vincentbraillard, @Felixfoiler plus @samisin with a 130usd board kit to encapsulate in a Hiorth brother 3D print project.

If going the commercial route: Maytech User Documentation V2
Maytech remote pow supply v2