ONEAN Carver doesn't works

My problem is the motor doesn’t work and the remoter alternate beetwen the 2 pictures.
Do you have an idea of problem, please?
Thanks in advance for your help

And it will be difficult to get any service as Aquila boards (Spain) owner of ONEAN is in liquidation, unless ONEAN is bought by a new company.

Maybe a dedicated ONEAN forum user could help you out ? In the worst case, since your warranty is not active any more, you could replace your remote by a proven efoil one like the Fero remote:

I have the same issue…
Totally dead engine, everything else works fine…
I m taking the jet engine out of the board to se what have happened…
If I can see something. It is a huge work…




My email is

I have several photos inside on the board

Best regards

Hello, any news on this problem?
Because we have the same, it starts for 1-2 seconds and then nothing