FeRo Waterproof Remote market start tomorrow 9am

Hello eFoil, eSurf and eBoard enthusiasts,

I am so happy to finally announce that my remote is coming to the market. With the help of eFoiler GmbH and very talented colleagues, we finally met our expectations and feel ready to release our remote to you. After 2 years of research and development, we achieved a two in one solution that truly is the dream for every DIY builder. On the one side, our remote is a high quality waterproof low latency controller and on the other side a powerful data logging tool to improve your setup and build. Through our own developed FeRo app you can:

  • Log your ride
  • Visualize the data on a map and check peak speed, battery usage voltage etc
  • Very simple over the air update, your remote will continuously improve and get new features.
  • Customize your remote according to your needs. (Throttle input, logging configuration, overall settings for your system)

But that’s not all. As you know from metr you will be able to share your log as well. Later we will launch a ranking for the lowest power consumption per km, highest speed etc. Make your build performance visible to others.

Our remote will be compatible with every system out there. We have 4 different options for you.

  • None GPS Vesc version
  • None GPS standard ESC version
  • With GPS Vesc version
  • With GPS standard ESC version

VESC versions are plug and play. Set the correct baud-rate and the receiver will get its data from the VESC. Standard ESC version comes with direct voltage input (no need for stepdown, connect up to 80v and you are good to go) and precise current hall sensor, which you can easily mount to your system without the need for cutting any cables measures your current.

3 extra ports support many functions:

  • Extra channel for whatever is your need(pump, led, relay)
  • Led RGB support (for enthusiasts who want to ride at night)
  • General input (for humidity sensors, or temperature)

This is only a brief overview. For details please visit our website: Felixremote.com

Preorder is available tomorrow at 9 am Paris time. For everyone who orders this year the coupon: FeRo-Preorder2022 gets 5% off.

Why preorder? It helps us to plan ahead strategic financially and your remote will be available before the EU season start. As we don’t know exactly what the demand is going to be this will ensure a remote will be available for everybody. The remote will get delivered in time for the next season. Expected delivery date: February - March.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us over our email:

or visit our website

Best Regards

Team FeRo
FeRo CEO Felix Triendl
created in cooperation with eFoiler GmbH


We are officially lounched. Feel free to preorder anytime.

Best regards

Team FeRo


Great , one question:
Can we order a remote for vesc and use it still with classic esc ( if we change controller) ? Even if we don’t all display

Yes, you can use the vesc version with any esc. It supports normal PPM output. But then you will not be able to log and display your voltage, current, wattage or battery usage. GPS will though work fine as it is an independent system.

I will add the 4 different receivers to my store, so if you have 2 boards, for example, an elongboard with vesc and a efoil with standard esc, you will be able to switch quickly between them.

Best regards

Team FeRo


Ordered mine!
Can’t wait to start using it next year :call_me_hand:


Ordered one too!
Finally a decent remote, also can’t wait to test it out.
Cheers Felix for developing! :call_me_hand:


Hope you remembered to put the promo code in, I didn’t :man_facepalming::joy:


two guys already forgot…

Use FeRo-Preorder2022 for 5% off

Best regards
Team FeRo

To bad not shipping to US, was looking forward to this remote like everyone tor along time

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US is not possible due to legal reasons. different CE/FCC standards and insurance are the main problems. Im sorry.

Best regards
Team FeRo

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I was able to get my hands on a FERO remote early on in the testing phase I am very happy with it so far. I have used it for a few sessions on the water and had no issues at all.

So what did I get? Out of the box it is completely waterproof, great ergonomic design, bright screen, easy to set up with very good instructions. I hooked it up using PPM and not knowing what to expect, the first ride had great reception. Great reception!! No extension for the antennae. I plugged it in, calibrated it and it worked perfectly!

I have the GPS version so logging is very accurate without carrying my phone around! I am using it in conjunction with the WavRx Infinity Logger module connected directly to the FeRo. @WavRX

The receiver is the most professional I have seen. I would recommend paying a few extra bucks and get a European manufactured high quality remote and leave all the other junk behind. I truly think that this is the game changer that everyone has been waiting for in the DIY remote availability!


Hey @Felixfoiler,

What’s the case material made of ? Still 3D printed or injection molded ? What material ?

You say we can use it on elongboard / eskate as well. You know we are throwing our remotes quite often there, at least it’s how I’m doing when falling, therefore is there an extra protection layer on the screen other than a .5 mm thick plexiglass ? How does the material react when falling on the ground ? Have you done any test ?

Thank you for your reply

Material is Nylon PA12. Highly durable and resistant against drops. The remote is made in MJF printing. Aesthetically and mechanically it makes no difference. It is not doable to make an injection mould for such a small quantity.

Yes, we tested our remotes extensively. We made several drop test. For our preseries, we had standard 2mm polycarbonate which is very tough. We will use that as well on our main series.

Like on normal plastic a scratch will be visible when dropped onto concrete, but we never discovered any cracks.

I hope I could answer your questions.

Best regards
Team Fero


How is the charging done of the remote btw? Wireless?

Is there is a 18650 inside as a power source?

Edit: charging indeed

You mean charging?

Is done via a magnetic connector. We did lots of R&D regarding the power sector. We have a standard 18650 cell. Wireless charging was to slow and inefficient due to the distance from coil one to coil 2.

Best regards
Team FeRo

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Order done.
Best regards. Cristophe.

thanks a lot for your support!

Best regards

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Hey @Felixfoiler

3 questions before I buy this remote:

  • How is log data uploaded to the phone? Do you connect your phone to the receiver or to the remote? How long time does it take to upload data to the phone (is it done by bluetooth or wifi)?
  • What is the battery life in riding-mode and in sleep mode? (how often do you need to charge the remote)
  • Does it come with a leash? Does it float?

Hi thank you for these great questions. I will definitely need to add more information on the website.

  1. yes the log is uploaded to the phone using Bluetooth. 1mb file takes 3min to upload. The log however is never that big. We are still adjusting the logging resolution to find a good balance between resolution and speed. Our app has 3 separate sections. Logging, Remote, Receiver. You can individually connect to the receiver and remote.

  2. 8h of runtime when it’s on and connected. Our remote is smart. It adjusting the sending strength. So when the receiver is not connected at all our remote blasts out full capacity, but when the receiver is near it limits the sending strength. When it’s turned off it will hold charge for at least 6 months. This long time testing hasn’t been made, but we had a close look at the usage when the remote is turned off.

  3. The remote floats. Yes a hand strap comes deliverd with it.

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Hey guys,

We want to give something back to this amazing community and a great preorder start. That’s why we want to give away a FelixRemote for your system including GPS worth 280€. To take place at the giveaway follow these instructions:

  1. Follow @fero_devs
  2. Like this post: FeRo-Giveaway
  3. Tag one friend in the comments of this post.

(Canada, USA and Australia are not included)

The giveaway ends on 10.Jan.2022

We wish you a happy 2022 foiling Season.

Best regards
Team FeRo