Organizing forum knowledge and files

If those ones posted by cristophe don’t work, let me know. I can post mine up.

Actually @pacificmeister, do we need a file repository? There’s lot’s of useful links for 3d printed files buried in threads. A thread as a repository/link to these files would be bloody useful.

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Agree. How about if I create a pinned wiki thread with a single post that has a list with links to the shared build threads on the forum. Everyone can update the index and add links. There should be no external links on this wiki, only links to build threads on the forum which contain sources. We need this context to shared files. Owners maintain their build thread(s) and all shared files should be linked from the very first post. This is where we link to external files sources, like I did with Fusion. If files get updated that very first post should be updated, unless it’s a totally different build, then start a new build thread. That’s how I have done it on my build thread. Thoughts?


Personally, I see value in one mega thread/post, that allows it to be maintained by lurkers like me (whilst I’m rebuilding again for summer). I think doing it very similar to how you’ve got it in your mega CAD thread would probably be easiest, going direct DL link, with a link to thread with build.


Chinese alibaba/Slingshot HoverGlide (STL) | Front | Back | Link to build thread
Liquid Force (Fusion360) | Front | Back | Link to build thread

There’s a couple of reasons I think this would be preferential. Primarily, STL files seems be the default file type that’s shared. Your fusion files are bloody awesome and you’re right, they self update, remain current and can then be directly edited. However for reasons of IP/convenience etc it would seem the majority of files shared here are STL. The other main benefit would be is that 3rd parties can update/post to the wiki page and maintain it. Otherwise, it’s completely dependent on the OP formatting, updating and maintaining the original post in the build thread. Apart from yourself, I can’t see/think of anyone that maintains their build thread like you do (myself included). I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about having context when you share the files, but unless you’ve got OP’s that are going to maintain their original build thread, I don’t think it’s going to work. I mean the files (STL and Fusion!) the OP to this thread have asked for, are actually contained in the Chinese hydrofoil for efoil? thread, but completely buried and lost. I haven’t updated my build thread to include these. Plenty of examples of good useful content/links being buried in non build threads.

Dunno, just some thoughts. You’re the boss, that’s why they pay you the big bucks to make the decisions! :grinning:

Like @smarm wrote I think this will not work well because most will not maintain this thread.
I don’t know what this forum software is capable of, but maybe it would be nice to automatically scrape all links to STL and Fusion files and auto-generate one or several wiki posts from it where all links are assigned to usernames and maybe a date. This way nothing can be missed or forgotten. If the forum allows it these links could be put on the profile page of each user.

Additionally a template post based on your thread could be proposed to be used by everyone posting a new build thread.

@Benjo, @smarm - good point, a manually maintained index could be quickly outdated and useless. I like the auto-generation idea. If anyone has experience doing this with Discourse (our forum SW), please contact me.

@smarm, @pacificmeister, @Benjo I think the need for organization extends beyond file sharing. This site contains a huge amount of invaluable information and grows larger (and more valuable) by the day. But greater size means greater difficulty finding what you are looking for. For example I’d love to see how everyone has chosen to attach the wiring to their motors. Solder? Silver solder? Copper crimp connectors? Removable plugs of some sort? As it stands, one has to read through countless threads to ferret out such super-helpful details. Maybe the answer is hashtags. Using hashtags to highlight top tips would allow the search function to work infinitely better. A search for “#motor-wiring” would immediately return all tips related to that process. “#esc-cooling” would do the same for that critical topic. With this system an automatic scraper could maintain a current list of used hashtags so posters could choose an existing one before making one up and searchers could see what hashtags to search for. Better yet a pop-up select box like the @ used to tag forum members would be great If possible. Of course Twitter has blossomed under this exact system.

Nice idea.

I still think a real wiki that features at least the most basic and important topics like general information and found out advantages and disadvantages of motor types, ESCs, batteries etc. and how-tos for propulsion unit assembly, board glassing, waterproofing, remote programming etc etc. would be the best.
Just that you have the most important information at hand, in a well-arranged way. If you want to dig deeper into a specific topic you can then go over to using the forum search function.

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I moved the forum organization discussion to a new thread here.

How about if I create a wiki category and we create more wiki posts? Like this one. Everyone can edit these posts and easily link to more details on the forum. Together we keep it relevant and up to date. Thoughts?


Definitely worth trying. I agree wikis are a great way to catalog/summarize information and best practices in one place. Just remains to be seen how much support/participation they get and how comprehensive they are.

I think that’s a good way of proceeding. We can trial it and see how it goes?