Outercraft & Decatlhon & Takuma

Hi all!

Have you heard about this project? I have been following them for a while and today the outcome of the project between Outercraft and Decatlhon has been published.

Video here

Not sure what this will bring to our community, but knowing a big company like decatlhon is interested in bringing efoil to mass market means a lot.
Some specs and drawings are also shared as an open source, unfortunately I think the page is not yet in English.



Definitely the best @pacificmeister project fork documented so far using a Gong foil + TPpower 434kv motor + Neugart 1:5 gear + FreeFly ARC200 ESC (discontinued except huge surprise).
For a worldwide market including the US, they had to create a differentiation from the Langelaan patent (until challenged) so they introduced a multi-block battery mounted from underneath like PWRfoil.

Not a bad concept to keep things cheap while mainly using French/German components.
But 80kv on 12s will require some seriously pitched prop in order to be fun for the speed seekers.

Also the gong mast is not rigid enough for the extra load of foil. It will bend sooner or later and that would suck on a commercial build.