Pacificmeister build with Parker 7:1 gearbox

Hello all, if you’ve been following down the path of pacificmeister’s build only to realize he’s now using the Neugart 5:1 gearbox instead of the Parker 7:1 and the motor assembly is different, fear not! First off, he has published the seal mount, gearbox mount, and motor mount. Those all work together perfectly. The only issue you’ll run into is the SSS motor has a 8mm shaft, and the Parker gearbox accepts a 9.5mm shaft. Ugh oh! At this point you have two solutions:

Solution 1: Split bearing
Purchase a bearing like this one, and put that inside the Parker gearbox female end so it can clamp onto the 8mm shaft of the motor better. I have yet to test this, but will revise my post when I do.

Solution 2: Modify shaft, print new part
This is the method I went with because I could do it same day. I previously purchased a 10mm shaft and a 8mm-to-10mm adapter. So I modified the 10mm shaft with the lathe to notch the shaft on one side, and reduce the diameter on the other. Here is the result:

I then modified the motor mount pacificmeister created to allow for the length of the adapter, moved the screw holes back to their original spot, and increased the hole in the middle to allow the adapter to fit through.

Download modified motor mount:

Here was the result:

I clamped the adapter down to the motor shaft, put the m3x40mm screws through the new mount first before attaching to the motor, then screwed it to the motor, then plugged the two pieces together. Tighten the shaft into the Parker gearbox with the small hole on the gearbox mount, then tightened the long screws.



I can upload my file stl for sss motor and neugart 5:1 ple40 if you need it


Feel free to share your design. I have included my design files in the post above so good to go there.

The file :

@jeffM Do you have step files for SSS motor and Neugart PLE40? If so could you upload them please. I thought these would be available online but struggle to find.



Hi jeffM,
A stupid question, how do you download your shared STL files? I am also using fusion 360 but can seem to copy them on my a360 drive!

I have this save stupid question in my mind…didn´t figure out how to do that.

Normally there is an option in top right of window to download/save but it is missing on these. Maybe @jeffM needs to allow access?

try now i think it’s ok, sorry for the mistake

If anyone wants to do other mods to parts of the Parker version (e.g. adding a bearing at the end like I did on my recent setup), here is my Fusion assembly with Parker gearbox: Fusion.

I just realized the parker model has not been updated with the most recent mods to threads, duct, and ceramic bearing. Im building a parker now. Has anyone made any of these mods for the parker in fusion?