Parametric Propeller & Duct Design - Fusion 360

Hey everyone - I worked with @pacificmeister to create a fully parametric design in Fusion 360 for a propeller and duct combination.

Here’s a video demonstrating how to make changes to the model and how it was built:

You can look at / download the Fusion 360 file here: Fusion

The design is certainly not perfect, as the airfoil profiles are really just rough estimates at this point. I tested changing most of the important parameters, and the model doesn’t seem to break. Hopefully this is valuable to everyone else, and at the least a starting off point for other builders!


Hi @Taylor, that’s a great update. So many possibilities now and it’s fantastic to have a corresponding parametric duct now too. I was just experimenting with the duckt profile curves, want to try a less agressive foil profile and test a more parallel droplet shape to see if that works better for higher speeds. I also shrunk the size (riding direction) to reduce drag. I also need to figure out a way to integreate my threaded duckt mount to this new one. I’ll post an update when I have something ready. Thanks! And I am looking forward to others experimenting with this Fusion model too.

I did a quick mod on @Taylor 's setup and made it fit to my threaded system. Fusion. Really nice that parametric control. I also made the duct thin and fast, NACA0012 foil profile (inspired by @Hiorth). Maybe too fragile for PLA, we will see. It’s printing now. Caution: untested.

7/2/2018 - IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tested by @Jan, too fragile as expected. Don’t use this version. Rev3 is stronger with a strut thickness of 4.5mm.


Hello pacific master

Do you print your support or all parts on your QIDI TECH X-one printer?
Is the pressure range of 140x140 mm sufficient for this? Or do you submit the print jobs?
I am currently researching which 3D Ducker should be purchased, and your device I like quite well. (if the pressure range is sufficient).

Grüße aus Bayern

Servus @mac23! Hmm, “pressure range”? Maybe a Google translate thing… ah I got it haha “druck” = print and also pressure. “print volume”. Mine is 150x150x150mm and that’s barely enough. I design everything to fit my printer which limits what I can try, especially on duct and prop.

I love my creality cr-10. They are about $420 Aussie inc shipping. 300x300x400mm and acceptable quality (for my standards.) very well supported online by community. Lots of upgrades etc.


Agree CR10 ftw :+1:

( post has to be 20 letters so that’s why this is here fml lol)


all right. then I will have to look for another model, because the new version of the x one is again 10mm smaller.
I also take a look at the CR 10. Thank you very much for your feedback.

Struggled to print the leading edge of the duct, despite the fact it was sitting up and not on the build plate. Not sure if reversing the orientation and using a lot of suports would help, or it’s just not suitable for PLA print.

Mine printed ok in PLA. Still haven’t tried it and don’t know if it holds. It’s pretty thin/weak compared to my old one. I definitely think i made the struts too flimsy.

Hello Taylor or anybody

I looked at your nice video and downloaded theParametrics PropDuct.igs file but when opening in Fusion360 the Timeline dissapears and there seems to be no parameters to change. What am I doing wrong? Thanks / Jan

Looks like you are not opening a real “Fusion 360 file”.

The file is Parametric Propeller & Duct.igs and it opens with Fusion360

You need .f3d file. I just tried the link at the very top and it works.

You saved my day. I faught with this one for quite a while. /Thanks

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Greetings from north western Canada. I’m not current with CAD. I just downloaded a free version of Solidworks through the EAA educational program. It appears you can download a 30 day trial version of Fusion360 and then you have to pay after that?? Will Solidworks accept your wonderful Fusion360 files? Since I have not used the program yet, could one of you CAD experts separate theParametric Duct and the Prop so I can print them individually? Thanks for any help! and thank you Pacificmeister for all of the wonderful work you have done and your willingness to share it with everyone!!!

Phil Kite

Hi @PhilKite, you can export the Fusion models to many formats directly from web view in the browser, even without installing Fusion. And Fusion is free for students and educators, give it a try. Autodesk Education & Student Access | Autodesk

That is a great TIP!! I was in the local University in 1982 and it now looks like I’m back!! We used Autocad 2.1 back then and stored our files on 8" floppy disks. The computer to run Autocad was HUGE and took up a large part of a room.


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@pacificmeister Hi!

I would like to adapt the Rev 3 of your duct to a larger prop like the one from flying rodeo for ex. I tried to download the .f3d of it to access have access to the parameters as on the Parametric Propeller & Duct.f3d (I understood that this was your base for the Rev 3), but I just get a fixed mesh being unable to modify anything.

Would you agree to post an original .f3d file of the Rev 3 of your duct with the parameters accessible?