Perfect new Flipsky waterproof motor 7070 for foildrive assist?

This motor seems perfect for foil drive assist, what do you think ?


I don’t think it will work. Inrunner in that size will most likely not provide enough torque and thrust.

The 6374 outrunner for foildrive has both a torque and cooling advantage

the data sheet seems to announce same torque as a 6374 motor , the max power seems similar, I don’t see why it couldn’t work, (except if you think the data sheet is wrong) ?

I find the price and data sheet very interesting, especially if you dont know how to waterproof a 6374 or 6384 motor.

Regarding cooling, do you really think it could be a problem ? (my 65161 innrunner motor does nt have any cooling issue)

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Thing is that i don’t believe the specs. There is likely the same steel, same magnets, same wire in these motors so it will be difficult to find any magic that provides the needed difference between inrunner and outrunner.

On the theoretic side: Same torque is produced by the same current when fed to the same kV motor but this is dependent on that the motor doesn’t saturate or overheat before you get there and there is a huge difference in cooling between outrunners and inrunners. I wouldn’t take a gamble on this motor.

You obviously can’t compare this to a 65161 which is more than twice the motor steel, wire and magnets

very clear :slight_smile:

maybe I will try it and make a feedback

Doesn’t even look like an inrunner. This might be a potted outrunner. 12N/14P inrunner at that price and size ?
Look at the overall shell, it’s built like an outrunner. I have doubts…

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Looks more like an outrunner I agree.

But since it’s called an inrunner…? I guess anything is possible but flipsky should at least get that right.

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Its the waterproof version of this outrunner: Flipsky Sensored Outrunner Brushless DC Motor Battle hardened 7070 110 – FLIPSKY

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You’re probably right, amazing description by flipsky😄
There doesn’t seem to be any bearing on the shaft side so outrunner it is. Too bad it’s got a lot higher phase resistance when waterproofed😂 they really should start putting more effort into their so called specs

And looking at the motor diagram it’s a faked one, just some lines drawn on a sheet but not reality

Could work but I´m really in doubt if I should build myself or buy this new perfectly fitting all in one solution…for 3000$ with battery

with only 150WH, you won’t do anything, maybe 5 or 7 waves, you really need more battery and more power for a good foil drive assist. You can build one for less than 1000 €, with a a bigger battery and more power, with almost no expertise, (if you buy a lipo , or a li-ion custom made), and a motor already waterproofed like the flipsky.

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It is actually $4500, and additional battery $1200

Actually they demoed it already and it showed an endurance of continious 15min foiltime with 80kg rider and effecient wing… Allthough it is not designed for continious efoiling that is quite impressive for such a small battery system! And it will be 3399€ …see

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Indeed the price is better than on their website. If excluding VAT, it comes to 2900EUR…

Yes if you add VAT + tax then you will end up more than 3500€ in europe…

I got carried away browsing the forum and YT and bought two of these 7070 water proof motors along with two 75100 controllers from Flipsky.

Plan is to motorize my Manta Foil with one 7070 and use the other one 7070 for my sailboat (lightweight catamaran) as a extra motor/bow motor. I will power these with the LiTime 12V-100Ah Mini batteries connected in series of either 3 or 4 for 36V or 48V. That is 28 kg/62 lbs or 37 kg/84 lbs.
Will 37 kg be too heavy battery pack for a foilboard? I have a large low speed wing that I thought I want to use (Manta mono 3 in 1 - kitefoil - windfoil - supfoil). I have faster/narrower foils too, but I assumed I will learn faster at lower speeds, and perhaps that it will hurt somewhat less.

I know basically nothing about dimension/controlling electric motors, but some about mechanical stuff, building and 3D CAD.

Right now I google about why I have ~30 cables attached to the ESC when I will use only two for the battery and three to the motor. I guess I could have got away with a more robust controller with less functions than the Flipsky 75100? It seems like with only the three power feeding cables attached, the controller will drive the motor “blind” (sensorless), have I understood this correct?

I ordered the motors without propellers, thinking that I would have tons of other propellers to chose from, but now when I have been looking for a while I realize that propellers sells in small volumes / come in few versions, hence the producers of these seem not willing to share 3D files.
So I’m at B-series generator trying out settings and I hope I can use resin printed wax to cast my own aluminum props, or bake some from epoxy and fibers by using printed mold-tools.

What do you think, should I just try to order a set of the “original” Flipsky 7070 propellers instead? It looks like it have small skinny blades, I guess I will need good trust at low water speeds, will these propellers do that?

Those batteries are too heavy and with too low energy density for an efoil. The board will ride like a pig and could hurt or kill you if it falls on you when you crash - and getting board falling on you has (or will) happen to all of us.

If you want a simple battery solution then i’d recommend a hybrid car module. Google around a bit, there are some sources for reclaimed 12s or 14s modules from oems like VW. The smaller modules are around 10-12kg.

Propeller: i’d buy one of the efoil propellers. My favourite is the flite efoil prop which is cheap and good, an adapter is needed to the motor. Simple enough to 3d-print adapter though and i think there are already designs here on the site.

Cables: you need the 5 power cables and three for the receiver, nothing else at a minimum.

(Start a separate thread for any future questions, these two posts are mostly offtopic in this 7070 motor thread)

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I received and tested the flipsky 7070 waterproofed motor, it’s working very good for a foild drive assist with a surf foil board (lethal 5.1 x 19 45 L for 70kg), I managed to get 2200W with 10S2P and propellerking folding propeller. (max battery current 60A, max motor current 100A). At full power I’m at 60% duty cycle, so 60 A battery and 100A. (maybe a smaller propeller can more efficient ?)
But I only need like 60% power to get efoil (without a wave), so maybe 60-70 A motor current for 10S (motor is rated 45 A continously, and 100A max)

When efoiling, I can efoil with 20A (800W), with a big 1900cm² front wing for 70kg.

Next test will be with a 1300cm² front wing

For 113 $, I think it’s going to be a really good foildrive motor (for 70kg), without the hassle to waterproof a 6384 motor


It’s not that cheap… You need to add shipping etc. Then there’s the shaft which is too long and should be cut down. Also why add 7mm extra drag when its not needed if the 6374 can already do the job properly…
Whats the quality of the actual waterproofing?