Plans to shape and build

I am looking to build my first foil board. Does anyone have insight to where I can get plans and schematics to do a complete build: wings, board, etc?

My advice would be to start just a bit smaller: buy the foil setup and build the board as the first step or it’ll take a looong time before you get to do some riding. The foil is a lot harder to get right and step-by-step improvements of it will be time consuming and costly.

For the board shape i’d just find a donor board and copy it, then add whatever tweaks you like. The companies have spent a thousand hours to get their designs to where they are so might as well take advantage of their work. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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As Larsb suggests buy the foil setup.

All needed info to DIY a board is on this forum, but if you really need it as simple as possible I suggest to have a look here.

DIY eFoil Build plans 49,97€

I have seen many of the boards people DIY’ed from this plan, and they do look great!