Possible to use servo tester to test off shelf efoil ESC and motor?

As mentioned above, just wondering if this is possible on my set up as I think my remote receiver is broken / not working. Pictures attached to show what im working with. Thanks

What are you trying to test? Does the remote pair?

It might be possible to use an maytech or flipsky receiver and remote to replace the whole receiver board.

Thanks for your reply. This is my other post about the broken efoil I was given -

I wanted to try a servo tester just to make sure that the ESC and motor are working.

The main issue I have is that the remote is not connecting and its a brand new remote. I have not seen the board working at all though as I was just given it, so wanted to check the motor and ESC first before sorting the remote issue.

If I was to try the servo tester, I think that I need to connect this to the wire that is currently connected on the right side of the circuit board in the last picture above. The one that says PGND, PVCC, POUT. Does this sound about right?

Would the maytech / flipsky receiver and remote be an easy install? Any idea of price of these units? Thanks again

Hello, I tested many time my ESC ( not VESC ) with servo tester in impulse generation mode.
It is OK.

I’m not sure about the servo tester, but It looks like the receiver board takes the full voltage from the main pack and drops it’s down to 5V. I would be checking to make sure there is 5V on the receiver board as a first step and then go from there.

You mean check that the receiver is actually getting the 5v? I believe the 5v must be working as a red LED lights up on the receiver when turned on? Not sure if this is the right way of thinking though.

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Great. Would I connect the servo tester to the PGND, PVCC, POUT cable that is currently connected to the receiver? I’ll test that there is 5v from the multimeter.

Also, I dont suppose anyone knows what the cable in the first photo top left might be for? Its just sitting there unplugged from factory. Has black red white and yellow wire and seems to be coming directly out of the ESC. The other small wire in that photo connects back to the PGND, PVCC, POUT cable on the receiver.

I tried connecting the servo tester to the setup but cant get it to work for some reason. For this kind of system, does anyone have any idea where to connect the servo tester on the pics above? Thanks