Power consumption to high / 70165 120KV motor at fault?

I build an E-Foil using a Fliteboard board (67Liter or so), gong mast (95cm) and wings (1150cm^2), Flipsky 75200 PRO ESC, a 14s 11p battery out of LG 21700 M50 cells (the output current is to low (5A per cell), and the pack gets quite warm…) and a Flipsky 70165 120kv motor. I also run a dual blade prop, bought it from a guy that sold it as “really efficient”.

When riding I am using quite a lot of power. About 2500-3000 watts. Power consumption does not really go down when foiling.
Does anyone know why this ist? Because my battery can store about 2,8Kwh of energy, I can’t even ride an hour.
What is your consumption and why is mine this high? I see everyone using the smaller 65161 motor from flipsky. Is the bigger this much less efficient?

Could be very bad tuning of the motor parameters…
What’s the current at full throttle out of the water?

Out of the water I don’t get a usable reading. After spin-up the current shown jumps around and usually even is a small negative number.
Should I do the tuning of the motor parameters with or without propeller? And are the number of motor poles important? Yesterday I noticed that I set it up with four motor poles pairs, although the motor only has three.
Maybe that’s the issue?!

That’s not a good sign, current should be stable at a few amps in full speed no load…
Cam you share the motor parameters?
Pole pairs does not matter, it’s only for calculating speed later on

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Like Ludwig mentioned. Poles are not important.
Here is a small example from my setup (almost same as yours)
Fliteboard,15S, Gong, Flipsky VESC 75200, motor Flipsky 120kv


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How did you record the data @Kian? With the vesc app and the phone in the battery compartment? I will have to try the same next weekend.
Does anyone know a good tutorial for me to follow? I don’t know what I could have done wrong, I even set up the motor from scratch yesterday at the sea, without any luck.

I’m using VESC Express for this.

Your problem could be a bad connection between battery > VESC or VESC > motor. Or both.
Also what size/thickness of cable are you using between the battery > VESC?

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I am using 8 awg cable. As a connector I am using the as150U connector.

Lets see what your prop looks like.

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That’s my Prop. Its diameter is around 150mm. It is 3D-printed, sanded and then clear coated, thus really smooth. The seller claims to only use around 800watts of power on his own build.

I add these pictures just so you guys get to know my full set up:

This here is my wing.

It’s rather small, but I like it. My friend has a bigger wing, but draws the same current (and power obviously). I musst add, that I am with about 57kg of rider weight on the lighter end of the spectrum.

This is my 95cm long mast with the esc on top. FS75200 Pro ESC.

This is version 1 of our battery, 14s11p LG 21700 M50 cells.

And here are our two boards.

That all looks very well done. Especially your vesc and adapter plate.

The mast adapter transition to motor is a bit out but I doubt that would cause a huge power drain.

The propeller looks reasonable compared to all the ones reported to work well. I use a flite prop and a curve xl 1400cm2 and on foil less than 1kw. I am 95kg as well using the flite pro carbon board.

Maybe the duct protection is eating the power. I think you need to try without and see.

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Yes it all does look really nice.
It almost looks like my setup :slight_smile:


May wanna watch this Link

After the setup, in vesc tool turn on realtime data (right side) and then let the motor run at 95% duty cycle (left bottom)
Which current do you see in the bottom right display?

and try without the duct. This may cause a lot of drag if the shape is not good. Belive it or not, the prop is not the dangerous part on an efoil, the wing and stab gets you.

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Yeah, I already cut through my neoprene and thus cut myself in the back and got a good smack on my arm as well.
I will try without the duct, but I can’t believe that it causes this much drag. Keep in mind I am pulling more than three times as much power than the average…

I found this info on the Flipsky site comparing a number of motors. You ask about 65161 and have the 60165 which are included in the chart.

Interesting that your motor has a lower max current than the 65161.

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Nice to know. Now I know for sure that the bigger motor is completely useless :sweat_smile:

Why would you think that? You shouldn’t get anywhere close to a max current of 150A with either the 65161 or your motor.

Yep, and that’s the reason my bigger motor is useless. We simply never need this much power with our E-foils. The bigger motor I is only necessary if you want to use more than a 20 cells in series or the continuous current is over the 60A limit the 65121 can deliver…
Not the case here…

Here are my values:
They differ a little from yours in your video, but I think they are reasonable, since I have an other motor.

Last time I only looked at the current value that gets shown in this round “speedometer” thing, and when watching the values in your video, they also jump around from negative to positive.
But when looking at the bar, I also only get a small positive number, around one to two amps.