Power limit flipsky vesc 75200 and vx3 and 65161

Newbie here just going from knees to standing and find the throttle very sensitive at the beginning of session when the battery is fresh.
Is it best to limit power or current? I have it wide open right now at battery 200amps and 6000watt.

What is your remote brand ?
You could change the throttle curve so that the efoil is smoother during startup.

Its a flipsky vx3. I’ll check out the link thanks.

found this too

I have a VX3 remote as well with FSESC75200 and 65161. I agree that the throttle is super sensitive and it has been a challenge to just control the speed. It has taken me some hours practicing to stand and foil…

Found out now that the button next to the power button toggles between three different speed modes L, M and H. Default is H (high). When switching to L (low) the full throttle gives much less power, so the throttle is easier to handle for a beginner. My 11 year old kid (31 kg) now managed to get up and stand on the board just within one session on the L setting. He can also get to foiling speed but balance is not there yet…

L is not power enough for me to get to foiling though, I can only plow around standing up. I need M, which is enough power for me (75 kg) to get up and foil around at 30 km/h.

Please note that this is on my rifle case board that is not at all optimized for good flow in the water. I have my VESC configured to regulate to speed and not to current. Not sure if that makes a difference regarding L, M and H though.

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Ok thankyou great info. Lots to try.

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I’ve searched for the how-to on this feature and know that I’ve seen it somewhere but can’t seem to find it again.

Can you post the button pressing steps to make this L,M,H happen

I assume the button you are referring to is the “Settings” button.


When you are actually connected and remote unlocked push that button to the right of power and it will cycle between h, m and l. It displays on the right top in remote. going out to try it right now :wink:


Just tested the M setting and it just perfect for me. Full throttle just enough to get up and once on foil nice smooth control

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Wonderful!!! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what is limited when you switch between l, m and h?

Is it power or current or rpm or?? Just wondering how the limits of max current and power come into play to fine tune this feature.

I think its the throttle % that changes (ppm impluse thing). In low it should only go up to something like 60%