Power plug EF8 for efoil battery

let me introduce power plug for eFoil battery
EF8M and EF8F
after 3 years of eFoil manufacturing we are have completed all tests and checks
2 pin, 8 mm banana plugs, gold plated, waterproof

datasheet EF8M EF8F power plugs for eFoil battery


Is that your own design connector? Is it anti-spark as well?

Yes, it is my own design.
Not , it isn’t antispark

These are standard 8mm bullet connectors in an asymmetrical waterproof housing, right?

Is your battery housing ABS?

Yes, you are right. …

Yes. Battery case made from ABS plastic

Do you sell these ABS battery cases ?

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no we do not sell battery cases, but we sell power plugs

Where do you get the battery cases from? thanks

we produce it by yourself