Project engine esurf jet

Good night, I come to thank you for letting me be a part of this family you are very top I follow in time.
Anyway guys I’m from Brazil I dream of jestsurf, efoil, more cost here and very expensive very even have indeed only have who is Rico matter the United States, anyway I’m sorry by the English I am translating I know some words is meaningless.
So I want to build a surf but different I was wanting to use project of the PacificMeister but not efoil like in the picture attached, I know guys that project here and like I said electric and very expensive all of this to matter very much, I had in mind to use Helix PacificMeister Assembly however do a booster box and use gasoline engine 50cc more I wanted to know that Helix that need how many rpm and Hp I don’t understand please help me everything I couldn’t I’ll try electric, please try me you planned everything I I Jet drive is better for gas for me is also very high cost I want to use PacificMeister but gasoline project

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Help me I’m your fan, my project and discredited by all kk, with your printed propeller, she requires how many Hp and rpm? I would use belts box as your last video it doesn’t work more will work

You probably want to keep your gas motor above the surface in or on the board, so something along option #11 here: Propulsion Type Overview - Wiki - Wiki -

@pacificmeister Yes, but will also be stuck on board propulsion type Wolf surfboard

Do you believe that this can work?
I’m super excited I think can work the more I have is to choose from your propeller engine, two-stroke engine will be printed so we saved in weight!

help me, I translate things to understand more is meaningless, just tell me where you from, amount of rpm and hp required for your propeller, and in this case I’m going to have to use booster box?

500kv motor at 50V with a 5:1 reduction = 5000 prop rpm (no load). Lots of discussion about required thrust on the forum, unfortunately I don’t have measurements for my setup.

Oi surfbrazil.

Conseguiu desenvolver o motor?

sou de floripa e ando de hydrofoil, e tehnho interesse em desenvolver um efoil?

Qualquer coisa me add no whatsapp meu nome é Eric