Prop design share

This is going to be interesting.


@Kian the YouTube algorithm must serve us some of the same content. I am also curious to see how it goes. He also mentioned in his previous video of the RC air driven self balanced foil board that he wants to make an efoil at some point. So this may eventually lead to an efoil prop.

Seems like a nice parametric design tool that’s freely available in OnShape.

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It served me this video as well :sweat_smile: and I came here to post it…


Got me too. I love it!


Here is my 2 blade 6x7 flipsky 65161 prop, I wa previously using the flyboard prop and decided to design a 2 blade as I believed it would be more efficient.
After a a few outings I found it to be slightly more efficient than the fliteboard prop and feels a lot smoother.
Originally printed in PETG I eventually got it MJF printed locally.
Would love for you guys to have a go at it and give some more feedback


Is it correct that I need to pay €6.09 do be able to download?

Yes, payment should only be made through the cults website

But is this thread not about Prop design share?
Not saying that you can not ask money for it, but than maybe put it in “Buy & Sell”


You’re completely right, it’s now free. Please download it and let me know what you think!


Greetings, how much effort would it be to make a 9" Version of it?

For what motor and pitch?

That prop looks very nice. I will print and test soon. Thanks for sharing.

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I have MTI70182 Motor from maytech. It can handle 8" pitch prop well (FR Type prop, 3blade), i guess IT will also run 9" pitch prop.

Came out nice. Keen to run it when my efoil is working again.


Wow that came out amazing, what print settings and material?

ABS 0.16 mm Layer. Bambulab


I’m not too familiar with that motor but it does look similar to the flipsky one, can you confirm that the shaft and pin are the same size