Prop design share

Hi folks, being the request for 3d printable prop always actual and maybe interesting either for newbies than seasoned Efoilers, why not to gather here some design for the community?

Let’s start.
I do design with Solidworks starting from a JavaProp sketch, 3d print in PC-Max (polycarbonate) or even in PLA and then I smooth the surface with sandpaper and epoxy. If the blades are thin (desirable for performance/efficiency) I do laminate a patch of fiberglass on both sides, just to reinforce the junction hub/blade, doesn’t matter to cover all the surface, after I will smooth all by sanding and glassing with other epoxy. Takes some time and effort but the result is worth that extra sweat.

this will be my next.

This have make my fellow efoiler very happy:
142-216 stl
142 216 solidworks part

The hi pitch one, tested by some users already:

I shared also a prop for 80100 outrunner, @MaxMaker tried it I think:

Now some render of the first listed, which I’m eager to try!

Just as “disclaimer”, I use a race type kite foil (580 Moses Vorace wing), big kite-race Royal board (dinosaur from a forgotten era), long mast (1mt) and 360KV + 4:1 SSS/Neugart combo, powered by 12s Lipos for now. Last but not least, I’m not even 65KG… which make sense for what above.
New design will come, I wish this could start a good thread.
I’ve some “Solas outboard 71/4” design also…not tested on Efoil but on a boat… if anybody what to give those a try. Diameter 182mm however…and the hub is the original.


Hi Mauro,

Thanks for sharing your design :slight_smile:
I’m getting pretty much the same build and will test & provide feedback for your props.
SSS56114 360kV with 5:1 neugart reduction powered by 14S Lipo. I am 75kg.

Would be nice to hear about the people already using some of those props or customized ones.

max speed ? voltage & amp ? motor rpm after reduction,…

I think it might almost be a good idea to have an individual thread for each prop design. Otherwise it will become pretty hard to search through a thread with all sorts of props and motor combinations. Especially when looking for design files.

True, but it would multiply threads, I’m not sure we would get more info out of a dozen of threads…
Me, I’m out with the same motor combo and I planned to stick with 500 to 300 KV and gearbox for next build as well. Geared pod are still the benchmark and cost is still comparable if not cheaper, at the end of the day.
My idea here was to gather as many different design as possible, everyone then could pick the few that likes, print and test those. The same prop could match different setup and different riders, anyone will get different results but that’s what will be interesting find out!
…unless the 2018 paired with 2019 “I’m the Verb, the only propeller evangelist”( wtn and somebody something, don’t remember the nicknames) will reveal themselves and illuminate us poor amateurs!:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl:

Based on MaB design I did something for Maytech Motor. This is untested! The prop and the motoradapter to have a smooth waterflow.


I actually don’t think there are that many props floating about…

  • Pacificmeister prop (2, 3 and 4 blades)
  • My props
  • Your props
  • Solas 6" pitch
  • Chinese 5" pitch
  • Virus props (these aren’t anywhere)
  • Flyng Rodeo (but he has his own threads for them already)

but I think that’s almost all the designs I have seen so far…If anyone does make variations of a design then it can be added to the existing thread for that prop.

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Mine but I was waiting to test it before publishing :grimacing:

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Flying Rodeo are commercial, there’s no cad file to be printed. Pacificmeister is the classic ducted design, I know there’s the thread with the parametric Fusion file.
Virus doesn’t share his design, mostly because it works “by hand”.

Solas type, 175pitch
This is a 182mm 175mm pitch shaped on the Solas/outboard type. Must be reinforced with glass fiber


Thanks for sharing your designs! I will print one and get a feel of it compared to the Pacificm prop. I’m also curious about your modelling in solidworks, but I get an error opening the file at home. Which version are you using? Maby give it a try at work in an other version.

I used SW 2016 and 2019. I should save the files as .step or .igs

In a more recent version of SW I could open the file. Thanks

Nice proppler !!
i have tested to creat my own.
it look nice, in air turn perfectly.

but in water a lot of vibration, seems unbalance or bending with pressure of water ?
i use PLA with 50% infill + sanding.

did you face this problem ?




Rear edge of the blades look to straight in the center and to flat at the outside … on the pics

What did you design it with? If it’s badly unbalanced you will notice it in the air as well. I use 100% infill on my 3d printed props and have not had an issue with any of them.

i made it on : + solidworks adaptation

:thinking: why not 100% infill.

How rack and ratio ? Maybe cavitation and pla doesn’t work well …

my rake : 15
pitch: 180mm
diameter : 150mm

expanded area ratio : 0.65

after discussion with bruno from alien power, maybe lost of sync ?
expanded area ratio is too high ? ==> too much torque ?

Today I gave a shoot to the 142-216, printed in PC Max and reinforced with a thin fiberglass up to 1/3rd of blade span.
The SSS350 sound smooth at 12s, unfortunately my amp/voltmeter died this morning but more than 7 nautical miles at a MINIMUM speed of 16Kt and the batteries are at 3.8V per cell. I realized that below 17/18kt I foil unconfortably, my setup start to feel safe from 18 and above, cruising at 20-21kt is less demanding.
Unfortunately, the prop max out at 23Kt… less than I expected. Next trial will be 140-230 but I know that it won’t make me happy…too little blade surface to be effective.
I really want to dig into 2blade design…

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Just to be sure, you are running the SSS56114 360kv at 12S with a 4:1 reduction ratio, which gives you around 4000 rpm unloaded, right ?