Prop design share

Yes, that one. Actually is marked 350KV, I had the 360 before and this one has a slightly longer magnets on the rotor… Got it from Germany. Battery: 4x Multistar 16A 6s, serial parallel up to 32A 12s

new prop…
26kt reference on the right, the 140-230 on the left (requires some sanding). Too little blades, maybe ok for flat water low motor current request… I’ll try next time.

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Volker‘s new Prop
Works very well on 80100

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Nice prop! How does the twin blade feel like?any vibration or tendency to “steer” to one side when foiling?
I played a lot with Caeses B prop generator but I never got what really I wanted to design…
Twin and 4blades are both something worth to play with.
Only the 2blade scares me (on second thought) because of typical shaft vibration hence sealing at risk.

I have no issues with this Prop. No Vibration. Runs very smooth and quite.

I guess, the FR prop is made with this tool. I played around a bit and i got one close to the original.
But dont know the exact Diameter/Pitch of the FR

I finalized a couple of prop on Caeses, 3 and 4 blades, the pitch as diameter ratio look like not real, comparing with the Javaprop ones but the blades are really nice.
Will try to print a 4 blade and let’s try.

I agree with the ratio stuff. I wish they just used the standard pitch concept of inches instead. It would make much more sense.

Ok guys, I played a bit with Caeses online prop generator and made the following :

135 mm diameter
6,67" Pitch (you don’t choose this parameter on the generator but you can calculate it with p/d ratio)
Prop is made for top speed of 35 knots (65 kmh) @ 6600 RPM (130kv motor at 14S).
Still not tested

Stl and Inventor files are available. I just don’t know how to upload them.


thats not the same.
KV is no load. So full load 66RPM is more like 200KV (theoretically if you optimizie for max power it will be 260KV)

You are right, my mistake. I mean 6600 RPM under load, so kV depends on slip + voltage.

The pitch is way to high if you want to run it at 6000RPM, and I would suggest you design one for 4000RPM

As far as I know, prop design is really difficult, even with a good software. I guess we won’t know until I test it.
In the meantime, I made another one based on @MaB prop. This one is designed for 35knots @ 3730 RPM. I logged all values entered in the generator to be sure to be able to tweak them if needed. Prop is 140mm dia and 262mm pitch and looks really close to the high pitch one you can find on the first post. Also, front cap is reworked to avoid cavitation.

Will test it hopefully in the coming weeks.

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I played a little with Caeses… don’t ask me which pitch is that but it’s nice! PC-Max, epoxy fiberglassed, will try it and if worth share the file. If not…add it to the pile of junk props due to recycle.


Nope. To be scrapped.
2blades have been abandoned (mostly) in marine applications for some reason. Performance is not even close to 3 blades, manoeuvrability also, annoying vibration which seems to set back the motor, it struggled to get up to full speed but at partial throttle also was not pushing hard, like with excessive pitch prop.
Unfortunately I’m running suicidal since one month, no switch no volt/ammeter no fuse… So I can only judge by the fact that I found many solder joint melted, almost lose! One motor cable with xt150, the parallel connector awg10 inside the battery box, almost gone.

At the end of the day, I can tell that Caeses app is cool and produces better profiled blades, but more fragile 3d printed so fiberglassing mandatory.
3 blades is the good tradeoff, I will try to crimp the most of the joints fron now on.
Back to prop, the 3 blade today took me to 24kt, and it’s gentle on the motor/esc

Would you try the design I posted above if I send you the 3D files ? I won’t be able to test it before I got my motor pod ready, hopefully next month.

I’m taking a break now because I need to redo some wiring and rework the board, but send me a .step or igs and I’ll see when ready again.

Yep, no problem. Here you are, let me know how it performed :slight_smile:

I added all the entered values if you want to tweak them.

Hi, I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to prop design, will this prop fit and work on a 100kv flipsky motor ?

I made one for my Flipsky, but not tested.

If it fits I will try it, cheers.