Recommended (turnkey?) batteries for new build

Hi, all.
I know there’s another thread active about batteries, but it’s getting really long and splits off in many directions. For the sake of clarity, I’m creating a new thread.
I’ve got a Flipsky 65161 and Gong Allvator V2 (size L) on order. I’m 90kg, and am hoping to get 30+ min range.
I’m new at batteries, and trying to make sense of all my options for power. I like building things, but don’t get any joy from soldering, so my preference would be for something off the shelf, like a Turnigy product, even if it costs a little more. I’m open to building (again, prefer buying preassembled) 18650 packs if that’s the clear way to go.
Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated, and suggestions that include links to product pages even more so.

I have very little experience, but I can tell you the standard for most people on this site is a 12s 12p or a 14s 14p battery. I am in the middle of my first build, and I have opted to get two lipos and wire them in series, but I will probably build a battery if I make a second build. These are the ones I got. The shipping is brutal, but they seem good so far. (No tests, but they arrived undamaged and charged to the right voltage) I had some similar questions on a thread that’s not too long, so I’ll link them here. I am also getting the 65161 motor, but it will be a month or so before I’m able to test.

Hey @dirigible,

I created a foil board around EV car batteries and this saves you lots of spot-welding 18650’s and is even much cheaper with greater capacity, current capability and lifetime compared to 18650’s. I offer finished battery’s and battery kits that are compatible with our DIY efoil manual build or any other board that fits them. We are even using the same setup as you currently ordered/have and have great success with it.

For ride time indication, with the small battery (1kWh) you can get up to an hour of foiling and with the ready made bigger (2kWh) one 2hrs.


Thanks, @Malveymonster. My head was spinning with battery chemistry comparisons, etc. The Turnigy 20000maH batteries you linked are the ones I had been considering. I put my order in last night. If things go well with this build, I’ll probably end up building a pack for v2.

Glad I could help! If things go well, you can always consider making your own battery, but in the meantime these should give you a fair amount of ride time to test and use the board.

Our build is an e-assist, so doesn’t need as much juice. We went with LiPo batteries, $120 from amazon for two 6s 22.2v, wired together to be 9ah. That wouldn’t be enough for a full efoil, but you could explore having multiples wired. I am far from expert, my very limited understanding is their drawback is more prone to fires and moisture issues.