Reisenauer motor chief


I am new to this forum and building my efoil in The Netherlands. I want to use the reisenauer motor chief 6:1 gearbox but it is not in stock, and when I try to order or email them, I don’t get any response. Is there someone on this forum selling a gearbox or can someone help me by calling them? I tried to call but there english was not so good so if someone speaks german that would be great.


If I were you, I would wait a few weeks and observe the inrunner 100-120kv trend blossom… They are direct drive thus very simple to implement.
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I already ordered all the parts so I won’t change my drive unit, but direct drive is intresting.

I don’t really know but I read it was out of stock until next year … but I think the super chief might do it … the problem would be to fix the propeller …

Where did you read this? That would be a problem. I have already used the super chief but it is difficult to make a good connection on the gearbox shaft.

I contacted them a few weeks ago and that’s the answer:

I asked them if it’s temporary or if they stopped but no answer…

@Flying_Rodeo wrote this , and for the connection , see my post , he makes a custome shaft , no problem
For the super chief you can use the propeller adaptor on there site with a 6x7 mm , this bigger but I think it can be done with a thrust bearing
On my last built , the chief gearbox is not even bolt on the tube , and it works and with vesc setting I am not pulling more then 3000w

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Oke, I ordered the super chief again. With the round shaft this time.

I also want to order the super chief but find the website confusing , I want 4:1 and it says round shaft is 6x7 polygon? makes no sense when the titles says round , does it come in 8mm output shaft ?

I have the super chief 4:1 with this shaft. It is an oval shaft so thickest point is 7mm and smallest point 6mm. You can choose a 8mm pinion for on the motor with this gearbox.

but they have a round shaft option but its not clear what size that is , doe anyone know what size the output shaft size is in the round version , I was hoping itleast 8mm , thanks or the reply Rienk, have you used it yet ?

I think it is 7mm for the round version but I am not sure. I used it for about 15 hours now. My max power was about 6000w and it is still in one piece. The only problem that I had was the propeller shaft comming of a few times. I grinded 2 flat spots to the shaft and hold it with 2 6mm screws right now.

This is my drive unit right now

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Very nice thank you for posting , so the super chief works !
I think it is 6mm with a flat for the round one

Yes the super chief works, but to be on the save side I would prefer the motor chief. Also the shaft coupling is much stronger with m10x1.

Yes much stronger , bigger bearing … but if the propeller push on trust bearing , which self center with speed , there is even no needs to « secure » the gearbox , so just the load on the coupler and the gear which apparently hold , and we can use a much smaller propeller
I see you put a bearing around the prop shaft , but no trust bearing ?

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Yes, I use an angular double row ball bearing, and you can see the lipseal on the shaft in the front.

Just startes my new build, with the liquid force thruster