Reminder: Copied/Faked version motors 65161 on the DIY market

Important Notice for DIY efoil players:
Be careful about Copied/Faked version motors 65161 by Flipsky on the DIY market

Also Quanly, chinese name 东莞市腾飞动力技术有限公司, is the orginal manufacturer of waterproof electric motor of 65161, 65120,6590,70165,85165, and many RC model motors since 2008.

Flipsky:, chinese name: 翻天科技有限公司

After months of investigation, evidence collection and testimonies, Hobiba here declare officially that we Hobiba already cancel and terminate business cooperation with Flipsky, and no longer supply Flipsky any motor manufacturing service and logo printing service, because of breach of contract that Flipsky and his designated factory (anonymous) illegally copy and imitate Hobiba’s motor products without Hobiba’s consent and notice since late 2022, Motor models involved are 65161, 65120, 70165, 85165, etc, Any similar models supplied by Flipsky thereafter are subject to copied/faked version prone to potential quality and safety concerns, and are serious threat, challenge and shame to Real 65161(Originally made by Hobiba) which people have trusted with in the past years.

Hobiba condemn such crimes of disrupting market order, will take necessary measures and action against such abominable behaviours and protect DIY players’ interests at our best, at the same time, will reserve the legal right against such copies and fakes.

The last mass order shipment Flipsky bought 65161 from Hobiba was in June, 2022, total 465Units * 140kv / no logo print / Keyway Shaft, we have to disclose evidence as attached photo for public awareness.

Mr WANG,from Hobiba /Quanly

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a Chinese company worried to be copied by another Chinese company and raising awareness about it. The world has definitely changed !

you’re saying that Flipsky while buying your motors copied them and you’re pointing risks related to this. How can you prove that the Flipsky copied motor… is not better than yours!? what threats or vulnerabilities are you referring to. I don’t get it.


Lots of guys here know the flipsky motors originally came from the hobibas factory. If the clones are bad quality like the clones from freerchobby, then hobibas definitely doesn’t want anyone thinking they are their motors. It’s also good that companies like hobibas are trying to stamp out copying.

Flipsky are Muppets for not just altering the motor dimensions slightly. Also I can’t quite comprehend why these companies that copy don’t just buy a FR or lift motor and copy that as they’ve been the top performing motors for years…


I totally agree and that’s good for the future.

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I have no idea of the validity of your claims but would appreciate your response on what you offer as a viable alternative to the Flipsky water sports kit that a number of us have purchased I personally bought a 120V 65161 round shaft, 75200 water cooled VESC with VX3 remote about 1 yr ago and am quite pleased with its reliability.

Do you sell such a kit directly and if so please provide a link.

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What is your opinion on maytech motors? Are those still from your fab?

I have received motors from both. Both look very similar. Differences I have noted:

Other sheath on the silicone wire is larger on the Flipsky copy 6.3mm, Hobibia was 5.7mm which make threading down a mast more difficult, going around tight corners.

Another change is the depth of thread for the mounting holes, Flipsky is 8mm, Hobibia is almost 10mm.

Performance seems the same, not sure about long term use.

I would recommend getting a replacement directly from Hobiba if you have tight tolerances in installing the cables or using full depth of thread on the mounts.


yes, you can trust Maytech on 65161

we Hobiba only produce motor/esc, newly built remote, however we not retail, for retail you may resort to Maytech for help, thanks

I have 70182 :slight_smile:
Anyway, works fine

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I just searched the Maytech.CN site and they don’t list a 65161 motor at all

Lots of 65162 options which might be very similar but are not exactly the same.

So where would you suggest I look for one of your 65161 motors?

I also found this recent post of yours indicating that you do sell direct.

Confusing messaging doesn’t work for me!

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they are of same origin,

we Hobiba not retail single motor…

I don’t understand what you mean by “they”

65161 and 65162, of course

I asked you about a “kit” and your response was you don’t do “retail”. Then I find a thread that says you are sellling a “kit”. So which is it?

I asked about your post where you direct buyers to Maytech to get a “Hobiba” 65161 motor that you make. Maytec doesn’t sell one or I couldn’t find it on their site. I pointed that out to you and asked where someone would find one of your original 65161 motors

Again confusing messaging doesn’t work for me so I won’t be paying any more attention to your posts from here on

you can not go to Maytech brand saying I want Hobiba brand motor…just tell Maytech you want his motor is okey