Roffa simple build with Gong setup, 4x6s flat lipo and 6384 motor

Hi all, usually I like simple stuff so I’m gnna try and make this board as cheap, simple and low tech as possible. I’ll also be posting updates of the small build steps, so hopefully others can view the little tips/tricks and learn from my mistakes.

radio: maytech v2
prop: propking fold 150mm
motor: 6384-120kv
regulator: swordfish 240A or if that doesnt work the raiden vesc
battery: 4x Turnigy 8000mAh 6S 12C 177Wh
board: homebuild
mast: allvator 80
frontfoil: allvator rise L80
rearstab: allvator stab L


First step was to cut down the outrunner axle to ditch weight and place it closer to the mast.

Also changed the wire holes to frontside so the nose cone can cover them later.

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put the clip ring back on the shaft! Once I thought the magnetic strength is enough, but I lost the bell incl. prop.

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Thanks Toto, but I still have to decide on coating to waterproof the stators before closing it up.
Might go with diluted regular epoxy since there is no heat issue.

With a folding prop you really shouldn’t lose the bell. Foildrive runs all theirs without circlips and I haven’t heard of any bells coming off.

You can get non-metallic heat transferring potting compound which would be the best. Its just a bit more expensive than normal epoxy though.

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For the Stator, I just painted mine. Quaility paint, and that worked for 2 years without problem. To much epoxy on the windings will give heat problems.

Which paint did you use? Epoxy based?

Wow that is a great idea thanx!
I still have Sigmacover 280 epoxy paint with amazing corrosion resistance.

Any tips or experiences on bearing type in salt water, ceramic or stainless 316?
And how to change them without damaging the stator?

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If you use ceramic you need to spend some money. I tried the cheap ones, but the couldn’t carry the axial loads.

Made some progress, changed the bearings to SS for just under 10 bucks.
Double layer of epoxy coating on the stator to keep the rust to a minimum.
Had a friendly garage guy weld the aluminium motormount.
Its starting to look like a Efoil, still waiting for my lipo’s. Next up is the motorcone and board I guess.

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That is two layers of Sigmacover 280 epoxy paint ?
You applied it with a brush?
It won’t have heat problems? (especially that you intend to use as an efoil)
What about the rotor?

As a spray , like that? 2k epoxy primer:

How did you apply it?
Did you apply it on the rotor as well?

You don’t do any motor maintainance?

Will this spray bottle be usable in a few years?

Just epoxy painted with a brush.
The waterflow will cool enough, no heat problems.


Just paint I used clear 2 k paint applied with a spraygun.

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First time test running motor, amazing!
After 3 months waiting for Lipo batteries.

Also made a quick start on aquadynamics.

The motor cone is finished with six layers of 160gr glass, next up painting.

I like to keep it stupid simple so no pump but water ramjet for watercooling of the ESC.

The hose diameter is 4mm and the cone inlet is a coppertube trumped to 10mm.
I’ve calculated that at 30 km/h it should give 1kg of thrust. Thats more than enough to feed the ESC cooling.

Next up is the board.
Gonna be a big mess shaping this :smile:

Finshed mast parts with water inlet.

Shaping the board.
With 130cm (4’5") I guess its smaller than most here but I do like light.
Got the big chunks off with wire and orbital sander for the rest.
The shape has oval outlines with a concave deck for snuggy stance.

I’m thinking of getting veloce L wing so send me PM if you wanna sell!

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