Ryan's first efoil build

Edit: I just realized I have just combined a bunch of random questions and tagged it a build, which makes it difficult to address each one individually. I’m going to post a few different questions right now, and link their answers here.

Hey everyone, I’ve been doing a lot of researching and I’m about ready to start purchasing parts. I was wondering if anyone could help confirm the compatibility of what I’ve chosen, and potentially answer a few questions.

So here’s the list of parts I’ve picked out so far:
Battery (I’ll have two of these wired in series to double the voltage)
Foil (Medium)
Remote (I’ve heard this is better than the maytech one)

I believe these parts are all compatible, but I just wanted another opinion. Now for the rest of the build, I’m planning on building my own board, similar to what MaxMaker did here.
I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for fiberglass and epoxy/resin, and if anyone has figured out how to use a rail mounting system for mounting the foil on the board? (To allow the foil to be mounted at different spots up and down the board)

Finally, I’ve seen a bit of talk about using a pump to cool the ESC, which is probably what I intend to do. Could I use a 5-volt motor connected directly to the ESC to avoid needing a UBEC? Also, would a single circuit breaker on the positive end between the battery and the ESC be sufficient (If I connected the pump to the ESC with nothing else connected to the battery besides the ESC) or would I need smaller fuses throughout the build to ensure safety.

Last thing for real now. I plan on installing all the electronics in a single waterproof box that will be attached to the board with elastic cords or something like that. Can anyone recommend a connector that would allow me to detach the motor wires from the outside of the electronics box when I want to take the foil off the board? Is there a similar connector I could use for the pump tubing? (I’d like to be able to take the foil off the board, so I need a way to detach the motor wires and the pump tubing)

Thanks, everyone, I’m super excited to start building!

I’m still gathering parts, so not even close to knowledgeable, but based on some past posts (e.g., Has anyone successfully used the Flipsky FSESC 75200 with the FS65161 motor? - #11 by Manu) it sounded as though folks were having issues with Flipsky VESCs + Flipsky 65161 motor. There were complaints of the motor cogging/ giving out at higher currents and it’s not clear if that issue has been resolved (and repeatable by others) through configuration settings. People in that thread suggest Trampa or Maker X VESCs which seem to work with the 65161 motor with fewer config headaches. Would be great to get confirmation if the cogging issue has been resolved for Flipsky VESCs when using the 65181 motor and if so, what config reliably/consistently resolves it (e.g. “reducing observer gain by almost 70% and “observer gain at minimum duty” from 30% to 15%”)

That’s interesting, especially since it’s sold as a kit.

I’m probably going to still purchase it since it looks like there was some success at the end of the thread you linked. If I end up having an issue, I can try to fix it and report my findings back here.

I was going to buy the kit as well but likely will go with maker x vesc since there are more clear examples of success. In the thread I linked to, it looks like most people had challenges and were super frustrated. Maybe the Flipsky vesc works better now though.

I guess we’ll have to see. I’m hopeful because it was stated that flipsky announced (and fixed) the issue, so I’m hoping there won’t be any difficulties. You probably have the right idea though, going with a different ESC. Good luck with your build!