SALE - Los Angeles Foil Club T-Shirt

We are starting to roll out a new LAFC foiling collection on Amazon. Holliday sale at cost right now, more countries and more items soon, check out:

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Ordered one, thanks!



What happened to the old site I want more beach towels and blister giving flip flops. I think I was the only person to buy those flip flops.

Hi Yewwwg,

Sorry no more flip flops and towels :smile: We put the old site to sleep since it didn’t sell enough to cover the cost of the Shopify monthly fee.

We transitioned to the Amazon print on demand service and have a few T-Shirts and a Zip Hoodie there.

Here the page with links:

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So you’re saying I own some collectors items. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

I got the beach towel, flip flops, windbreaker, caps, and stickers.


the wind/ocean/Brad’s boat ate my LAFC grey hat… any more hats? Or I lost my collector’s item?

fingers crossed… someone’s got a hat to sell me… promise won’t wear it on any more boats.